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I had to go for an errand and passed by the Saintukeri shop. The lovely smell that came out of the shop was incense that was lighted (μοσχοθυμίαμα, λιβάνι in Greek) It felt so good, it made my day.

In the Greek orthodox church and probably in other religions too incense is used to honor God, bless the believers, sanctify what ever is being incensed and to keep demons away. It is burnt during most church services. I know many people also burn it at home to bless their home, start the day well etc. My day started well anyway.

Saintukeri is a cooperative shop that sells many things that have to do with the church like icons, candles etc. but they also sell handmade soaps, oils and other biological products.

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The Scrambler’s have been walking for a while but the group would like to invite new hikers into the company too.

Last Sunday’s walk down to Panormos was like a good movie filled with the best scenes; beautiful views, amazing wildflowers , interesting company and a yummy Panormos taverna snack.

This Sunday, the 12th of May, the meeting point is Supermarket “Sklavenitis” (The first big supermarket on the Stafylos road) at 10.30 am where the group will organize transport to drive to the center of the island. The walk will visit the retreat of Agios Eustacio ( Eustace) and carry on to Agios Giorgos (George) where the blue checked table cloth will be spread for a shared picnic.

If anyone would like to walk with the group from the Glossa side of the island and is not sure of the starting point or anyone would like more information contact Muriel Dunlop 24240-24732.

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