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Today many Greeks and some foreigners can vote for a new mayor and new council members on Skopelos. As I walked to the building where I was supposed to vote Mr. George Michelis came in my mind. The former mayor of Skopelos died yesterday and we mourn his loss. He wasn’t a typical mayor. He studied abroad, he teached and became big in the banking world. He came back to Skopelos and particular Glossa some time ago become he wanted Skopelos to do better. Mr. Michelis was not only a business man, he was also an artist, a singer and musician. He was a kind man. I was a member of his tourist committee and in that time I remember that every member tried to work towards solutions to many problems and that, I think, characterized him as a mayor. He looked for real solutions to many problems. This is not something every mayor and council member does.

I hereby want to thank and congratulate , on a local level, Eleni Kefaloniti and Christos Chrissofos for their hard work for the village and always being available for me and my requests.

If one of the mayor candidates gets 50% of the votes plus 1, that mayor is in. If not we go for a second vote next Sunday.

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