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(Source: The wildflowers of Skopelos)

The wild flowers of Skopelos is a wonderful blog made by Mrs. Warren. Here is what she writes about why she started the blog.

The creation of this website, The Wild Flowers of Skopelos, has brought together three interests: wild flowers, photography and Greece, in particular the Island of Skopelos, where we have had a house for over 10 years. It has also introduced me to a new interest, geology.

I have been curious about flowers since childhood but only got into earnest botanising once I retired from my career as a paediatrician. Unfortunately at times it has all become a bit of an obsession.

My aim is to create a Flora of Skopelos but I have a long way to go and realise I may never complete it. I intend to include all seed plants – conifers (gymnosperms) and flowering plants (angiosperms). I will not only add plants which are rare and beautiful but also the common and ordinary. However I will follow the example of George Sfikas in his book, Wild Flowers of Crete, and omit plants that are of no special decorative interest.

Mrs. Warren recently walked near the lighthouse in Glossa and found five more species. Here is her story! Thank you for this wonderful blog!

The wild flowers of Skopelos; the lighthouse walk

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