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Last Sunday 17 hikers drove up from the National Bank to the monastery of Prodromos in three cars and two motor bikes. Because of lack of more cars some hikers could not join which was a shame. The first stop was the church itself where those who hadn’t been before were amazed at not only its beauty but its position on the ridge looking out on our beautiful Aegean. After picture taking and a refreshing drink from the well the group continued to what must be one of the most beautiful picnic spots on the Island, the pergola build by the island especially for the Scramblers and like hikers.

Blue checked table cover laid out, cheese pie, bacon quiche, nuts, sandwiches and three different examples of cupcakes soon covered the surface. But more treats were to follow. Soon the children saw movement in the sea as they faced the Old Town of Alonissos. Yes the dolphins were showing off a bit and yes saying goodbye to the scramblers last walk of the season.

Muriel would like to thank all who hiked with her this year so far and looks forward to seeing you all again in September. She is looking forward to beginning Aquafit Monday. We want to thank Muriel for giving so much to the community with organizing the wonderful hikes !

Next week on Monday Muriel starts with aquafit lessons again. All welcome !! No entrance fee but guest can buy a drink afterwards so Muriel can keep giving these lessons in these hotels.

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