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There are about twenty butterflies in this tree called mean mother-in-law (κακία πεθερά) The butterflies peacefully coincide with the many bees that are around too. There must be food in this tree and although she has a bad name, she is good to her visitors.

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Getting there

The work on Milos square and the road leading to it, is in full swing. The square has been reinforced from below and new tiles are being put on.

The whole length of the road is being dug up and in certain places pipes and reservoirs/tanks are being placed so the excess water coming into this area is being led away, the right way. These are guesses by somebody (me) who is not an engineer of course. Please correct me if I am wrong.

It is funny to see that home owners who like to park close to their house are slowly forced to move their car higher up and on the ring road.

The only way this can be reinforced is place a really, really big machine in front of the cars at the end of the working day.

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