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Purse found

A purse has been found and will be brought to the police tomorrow. It was found outside an apartment called Kyriaki behind Swell bar.

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(part of an exhibition for the first time in my life!)

New people with new ideas, we need them! Sacha Roozemond is from the Netherlands and she organizes, for the second year, painting and photography workshops on Skopelos. Anja Daleman is a professional photographer and she travels with Sacha and the group. Sacha also has a catering business in the Netherlands and she makes wonderful meals for the participants here on Skopelos with local products!

Sacha is also passionate about the environment and has started talks about distributing bio degradable straws for drinks.

The photo’s that are a result from the workshops will be shown in a small exhibition at the kafenion in the harbor of Skopelos tomorrow, Thursday. The kafenion lies between Karavia and Paramares bars. The exhibition is between 19.00 and 21.00 hours. Everybody welcome!!

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