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Keep talking Greece about boat strike

The Greek Seamen Federation NPO is planning a boat strike on Wednesday the 3rd of July. Demands that the Federation has are not being met and therefor a strike is being called out. The strike will be from 00.01 hours on the 3rd of July until 24.00 hours. Please try and get more information from your travel agent or the ferry offices on Skopelos or online.

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On this Friday morning I can post something about an event on Skopelos but as I am working and looking on the Internet I find this video with the fantastic Stephen Fry talking about the power of language. Language we use every day. We can use language to seduce, charm, excite, please, affirm and tickle (the words of Fry) I have to use language to post something on this blog every day. I have to write the post in a way so that you keep reading the blog. You probably write and use a language every day but do you enjoy it? Do you like to use the languages you know and the words in your vocabulary and use them to inspire yourself and others?

I switch a lot between languages. I talk and write in English, Greek, Dutch, German and sometimes French for my work but also in my private life. Yesterday I was invited to a dinner with a German, a Slovenian and an Albanian couple. The Albanian couple who spoke Greek didn’t speak English well and the German and Slovenian didn’t speak Greek so I was translating during the dinner and was talking English, German and Greek all the time. I was knackered when I went home but I was also inspired because language and words connect people. We had a fabulous time! Please have a look and listen to what Stephen Fry says….

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