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Yesterday I was on the beach and we were lying close to the jetty there. This particular jetty is in the corner of the beach and there is a lot of space/sea in front of it. Most swimmers use the middle and the left side of the beach. Not a lot of boats moor near the jetty so what happens there daily? Young and old(er) people jump, dive, glide of that jetty. It starts with a few people and as they show off their abilities others come and join them. Not everybody is experienced so we watched a young lady who tried to dive off the jetty for about an hour and in the end, cheered on by everybody she managed to dive off the jetty a couple of times without hurting herself. Others form a group and jump of together, every time the jumps are more outrageous. Some people even who do a flip backwards or forwards. The “showing off”goes on and on. It is fantastic to see. Nothing more than the ramp is needed. Especially the young people seem to bond together without a problem, the common determinator is the jetty. Language boundaries fall away, age is not important, how you jump or dive is not important. Parents came up several times and begged the children to stop because it was time to go home. Maybe this type of entertainment should be provided to teens and adults who are addicted to their mobile telephone. A week here and you are cured!

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Natasja from Straycare is asking if there is anybody who can help this pup. If you can take it until she has found another home. She will give you food for the pup and anything else if needed like vet care etc. Natasja has no place anymore for more animals.

Please call her on 6949521442

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More Seacab

Seacab are now running daily on-demand transfers for 25 euros between Skiathos harbor and Loutraki harbor on Skopelos. It’s a change to the previous service (which was just Tuesdays and Fridays) Their website is http://www.seacab.gr

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Keep recycling

The last couple of days there have been rumours that Go Green Recycling on Skopelos was not recycling anymore. It is not true. They have issued a statement.

When you recycle please bear in mind not to throw organic waste in the bins for recycling, the red and yellow bins. Also do not throw recyclable waste in the green bins for organic waste. The blue bins are only for glass except glass for windows and frames!

Go Green recycling asks of the municipality to better inform the inhabitants of the island because they have a contract with Go Green Recycling to collect the waste.

statement Go Green Recyclibg

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Somebody loves Maria

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This message is from the new municipal authority that will start working officially on the first of September.

To residents of Skopelos and visitors who are from another country.

We thank everybody who contacted us via e-mail and those who attended the meeting we had in Xenia a couple of weeks ago.

We would like to emphasize that the new municipal authority is inviting you to contact them about any issues that need immediate resolution. We will do what we can even though we have not yet taken over the municipality.

We would like to collect as many e-mail addresses as possible so please share our email address with anyone concerned and ask them to to send us their details so that they can be added to our mailing list: newmayorskopelos@gmail.com

Thank you very much. We wish you a great summer

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The best start of the day is to drive around the island with a local and hear stories about the old days. We visited Vromoneri in Potami. It is a very lush area with a spring and giant trees. Beautiful!!

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