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German friends have given a new donation of 770 euro to the health center. Georgia Patseas and Silje Kramer will have a meeting with the head and doctor’s of the health center to see what kind of equipment can be bought. We will keep you updated!

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Georgia Patseas and Silje Kramer decided a while ago that the Skopelos health center needed help when they found out that vital equipment for helping patients was missing. They started a fundraiser to get a defibrillator for the Health center but the donations were so many so several things could be done. First they were able to start building work and a bathroom for attending doctors was created.

Also a lot of equipment was bought.

Here is the link on Facebook where Georgia and Silje show all the receipts. A lot of people also worked voluntarily. The girls effort shows if you persist you will find a solution. They found out there was a problem and they made a big effort to do something about it. Many people can learn from their actions!!!


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Tuesday 24 September 2019, 10.56 hours.
Last night at 22.00 hours a court ruled that the boat strike that was announced for Tuesday was illegal and therefor all boats must sail. I wonder why the court decision was made so late. Please check with the boat ticket office if you want to travel this way.

We hope that all travelers going back to England will have enough information about how to travel and how they will be helped to get home.

Update 22.36 hours Monday 23 of September. Nikos Triandafillou from the Glossa boat ticket office is saying that boats will be operating normally tomorrow.

The next couple of days are going to be tough for travelers because travel operator Thomas Cook is out of business and many thousand of people need to get back to their homes.


Thomas Cook/Skiathos website with original flights and information.

Then the Greek seamen association has the boat strike tomorrow. People who have booked with a travel company will be taken to Skiathos with alternative transport. Individual travelers will have to find their own means of transport which could be a sea cab. They run from Glossa to Skiathos. https://seacab.gr/ If I hear about other options to go I will let you know.

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Unfortunately another boat strike has been announced for next Tuesday the 24th of September. Boat company ANES (Proteus and Flying Dolphin Erato) will not sail. Blue Star ferries (Flying cat and Blue Star Naxos) have not made an official announcement but will probably not sail too. There is a plan to have one boat sail from Alonissos to Skopelos and to Skiathos and back to accomodate those who have flights from Skiathos airport that day. On Friday this will be decided. If you plan to travel on this day please go to your ticket office or ask your representative of the holiday company you travel with.

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On Thursday the 19th of September members of the Skopelos Green & Clean club and everybody else that is interested, will have a cleaning up action starting at 9 o’clock in the morning. The place to meet is the harbor. Gloves and bags are provided.

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The boats we hurt

The boats we hurt

This exhibition focuses on the loss of a heritage through the destruction of the ancient art of wooden ship building. The opening is on Saturday 14/09 20:00 – 22:00 in the VAKRATSA museum.

The exhibition is called The boats we hurt and is dedicated to the few remaining traditional wooden fishing boats being left intact after a major destruction of the fleet. 13.785 wooden boats/caiques out of 17.000 in total have been destroyed since the European Union, in 1992, issued a program of getting hold of the boats and fishing permits by reimbursing the fishermen’s with large amounts of money if they handed in their boats. The boats are to be totally destroyed, supposedly in order to combat over fishing.

This rule is completely illogical since the small boats are not the ones responsible for over fishing. We must realize that the boats are part of an ancient tradition of respecting the sea and its treasures, they are very robust and can be extremely resilient for decades to come, plus they are all hand-made by famous artisans of the sea that pass on their skills from generation to generation.

This contemporary art exhibition aims to affiliate the public with the plight of the caiques so as the authorities could end this sad situation and instead give incentives for the ship owners to change the status of their boat instead of destroying a real work of naval art and architecture.

It is being organized by the art platform Event Horizon and the Municipality of Skopelos and is being curated by Faye Tzanetoulakou and Tzimis Eythimiou.
More than 100 artists created works on the beauty and the demise of the tradition of the fishing boats that are the jewels of the picturesque Greek ports and its beautiful islands.

The opening is on Saturday 14/09 20:00 – 22:00 in the VAKRATSA museum.

The exhibition will be until 26/09

Hours : Daily 10:00 – 13:00 and 18:00 – 22:00

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A great way to get to know Skopelos and learn Greek is this initiative and the follow-up is to continue your Greek lessons during the winter

For more information write to language_spotting@yahoo.com

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Normally we would not post something like this but this embroidered tobacco pouch might have some sentimental value. It was found at the top of the footpath just before it comes out onto the road between the goat farm and the heliport. For more information please write to Skopelosnews.

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