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I have published stories about my mother in law (Manna I called her) on the blog before and most people know she died a couple of years ago. I have also talked about the fact that most deceased people eventually will be taken out of their graves accordingly to Greek tradition.

Today was the beggining of a new chapter for Manna. Her grave was being dug out, the coffin opened and five bones; the skull, two leg bones and two arm bones were taken out and cleaned (with chlorine) They are dried and put into a pillow case with her name on it. We can pick up her bones after two days. We can then put the pillow case into the small casket that Jannis my husband has made. A lot of bones, collected from graves where family members are unknown etc. remain in bags, on the cemetary in the bones house.

On the small casket her initials will be placed and a small church service will be held in her honor later. We will leave her casket in a church close to our home where her husband also has his final resting place. Axx Manna !

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Skopelos does not have a dry cleaner anymore but you can have your clothes washed, your blankets cleaned and your carpets cleaned. With good machines for every different cleaning process you can ask Nikos Karagiorgo +30 24240 24656 and mobile 6944888396. His “factory” is in the Kampos area. Go behind the road that starts behind the small Agios Reginos shrine on the T-junction going out of Skopelos. Follow it for a couple of hundred meters untill it bends to the left. Follow the road untill it bends again to the left and right after that you see the factory down on the right.

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