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Strong winds are expected tomorrow, Sunday. The fire department has issued a statement that nobody can light a fire to burn branches. It is absolutely forbidden.

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Tomorrow, Saturday, the scouts will have an assortment of Christmas/New Year ornaments in their stall and if you buy something you directly support all the activities they undertake. They are there from 11 o’ clock opposite the harbor entrance.

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Bad weather

In the next 24 hours a big part of Greece, including the Sporades, will be hit by bad weather:rain and heavy winds.
Be careful with this kind of weather and don’t go out if it is not necessary. Make sure drains and waterways around the house are free of leaves etc. Make sure you collect ornaments that can cause damage around the house.

Here is the link about the weather on Keeptalkinggreece weather warning

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Our first batch of olives are in the press. 425 kilo’s of olives. Waiting for the amount of olive oil and the oxidity. In the mean time outside all the problems in the world are being “solved”

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No electricity

Due to work on the electricity lines the whole island this weekend can have power cuts. Especially on Sunday between 8 and 2. On Saturday it will be in areas around Glossa, Panormos, Mourtero and Agnondas and Stafylos.

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We have decided to take the olives, we have collected so far, to the olive press. We visited the press today and we are on the list for Saturday. The olives are in the bags and we move them on Friday. The weather is still OK. Not too cold and no rain so far.

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You don’t mess with the man/woman that gets the olives out of the trees. Without them you are nowhere. I gave in fairly quickly when we started a discussion/row about where the sheets should go. They always know best believe me.

We are gathering quite a bit. From day one to three. Spot the differences.

Oei my back hurts.

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I forgot how difficult it is to collect olives around buildings. You need to hang the sheets strategically so the olives don’t fall somewhere else and you have to pick them again.

Our sorting machine is working well. Without leaves the olives go on the big pile.

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Olive picking day number one

Where are the buckets! Do we have enough sheets? Do I have old trousers that still fit? Oh I forgot we first have to pick them up from the ground.

We started slow on our first day of olive picking. Figuring out which ones go in and which ones we leave out. What is the best way to pick again? On your knees? On your bottom? Half standing up? All of the above give you muscle pain anyway…

Picking with friends is great. Small talk and just getting on with it. Let’s see how we feel in the morning.

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Olive blues

Agia Marina 17 November 2019

I don’t know what to call these days. They are kind of melancholic but also sweet. You know if you want the oil you have to pick the olives. The fact that you will be together with family and friends makes it worth it.

There are clouds but no rain today. The sun comes out now and then and tries to show it’s still working. The temperature is good and so everybody that has olive trees with olives on them or can harvest the olives from somebody else, is out and about. I hear voices that negotiate and plan strategies because it is not a simple thing to do this. You need a plan. What is the plan? Tomorrow we start. Picking up from the ground first?

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