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(updated map 2-11-2020)

Although the news about Covid-19 is mostly negative I still feel the need to keep the readers of the blog up to date about the situation here in Greece. If you need to travel make sure you can. Check beforehand. There can be restrictions for accommodation, travel, arrangements made with doctors etc.

At the moment the Greek government has divided Greece into two big main zones (measures are for a month)

The yellow zone with the measures that will start tomorrow morning.: like wearing masks in and outside, daily curfews from midnight to 5:00 in the morning, complete distance learning in universities and no gatherings. Public transport: 65 percent capacity. Ferries: 65 percent capacity. Taxi’s: Only three passengers are allowed (driver not included) Private cars: No restriction

The red zone has more measures where for instance restaurants and bars are closed except for take away/home deliveries. Visits to nursing homes and other healthcare units are banned. The county of Magnesia including the city of Volos has gone into the red zone. Public transport: 65 percent capacity
Ferries: 65 percent capacity. Taxi’s: Only one passenger is allowed. Private cars: Only 3 people, including the driver, are allowed per private car (families are excluded from the rule)

There is a smaller grey zone that is on high alert because of many Covid-19 patients.
Measures for grey level (14-day duration)
– Mandatory wearing of a mask everywhere in public (indoors and outdoors).
– City residents will have to send an SMS message when they leave their homes.
– A curfew will be in place banning all circulation between 9pm and 5am with the exception of work- or health-related movement.
– All retail stores, including bars, cafes and restaurants as well as gyms and churches will be closed.
– Schools and educational institutions will remain open.
– All domestic and international flights are suspended for at least two weeks (the measure is in force for Thessaloniki at the moment).

Today we visited Elios and we were surprised again how well the sunset can be seen there. The clouds and colors were amazing and we kept looking at the changing forms of the clouds and the pink, blue, yellow and orange colors in front of us.

While researching information this post I saw this message from the WHO. A lot of people in the world will go again into some kind of lockdown. Many will be isolated from friends and family again. These small sentences gave me some kind of grip again. I have have to remember how the situation was and how I reacted.

I personally will try to connect with others again. I like writing letters. I will start writing to friends again. Put a pen on paper and go…..

Pause. Breathe. Reflect.
Connect with others
Keep to a healthy routine
Be kind to yourself and others
Reach out for help if you need it

Sources: WHO, https://covid19.gov.gr/ and a very well documented article about the recent measures GTP Travel pages

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