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R.I.P. Michael Carroll

Many people will be sad to hear that Michael Carroll passed away in the early hours of November 4th. Michael was devoted to Skopelos for nearly sixty years, and during that time, formed many close friendships on the island with people who (in his own words) “made me feel that I belonged.” He was also one of the first foreigners to build a home here. The site he chose was close to sea at Panormos, and, in his acclaimed book, Gates of the wind/An Island in Greece; On the Shores of Skopelos, he describes the time when there were no connecting roads and all the building material had to be brought by boat. His love for the island and its people shines through every chapter of the book.

Author, poet and historian, Michael also worked for UNFAO, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, helping to raise financial support for deprived countries. His greatest qualities were his humor, his kindness and his ability to connect with people of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds.

Michael will be greatly missed by all of us, and at time like this, our hearts go out to his wife Anna, his daughters Kimberley and Xante, and his sons, Max and Justin.

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Lisa asked me a question yesterday about how to send a sms message with a non-Greek number whilst staying/living in Skopelos/Greece. If you have a Greek number you send a message to 13033 with the number that you need (see below)

Lisa and I thought you could also send a message without a Greek number but supposedly you cannot. Apparently you have to be using a Greek SIM. Here are the alternatives Lisa found. Thank you Lisa !!

– buy a pay as you go with SIM from Vodafone GR, Cosmote or Wind
– complete downloaded forms from the link below and fill in every time you go out. Click on https://forma.gov.gr/? , click on Χειρόγραφη Βεβαίωση click on Βεβαίωση Κατ’ Εξαίρεση Μετακίνησης Πολιτών (DOCX) Open and print out.
– use a handwritten note with the information name, surname, local address, reason for leaving home, (code), and date, time and signature

It also looks like you can send an SMS through the portal https:// forma.gov.gr/sms

Lisa found a lot of information through the Brits In Greece Facebook page which is always interesting to look at.

So sending the message goes like this: send a message to 13033 and write the number you need.

(SMS – Option 1) To go to a pharmacy or attending an appointment with a doctor
(SMS – Option 2) To go to the supermarket if it is not possible for groceries to be delivered
(SMS – Option 3) To go to a public service office with a scheduled appointment and to the bank strictly if online transactions are not possible
(SMS – Option 4) To provide assistance to people in need or to accompany young students (minors) to/from school
(SMS – Option 5) To go to a funeral under the conditions provided by law or if divorced/separated parents need to go outdoors for reasons concerning their child/children
(SMS – Option 6) To exercise outdoors (jogging) or walk a pet, solitary or strictly in pairs.

If you don’t send the message or have a written statement with you you can be fined.

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You probably know that the foundation around the Agios Nikolas Church was seriously damaged last year. The church is perched high on the rocks on the outside of the village of Skopelos. To be able to work on this foundation and the surrounding area the workers need to approach it from below. What an effort!!! Photos are from Mr Angelos Xidaris, vice mayor of Skopelos.

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