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So as of today, Greece, is also in a second lockdown. The amount of corona patients has been rising steadily and is higher then any number noted in the spring. More patients also end up in the hospital and the ICU units. More people die every day. So the Greek government has decided, like in many other countries, that we need to get off the street, not meet too many other people.
The next three weeks we will spend most time at home.

Being in quarantine for the second time, will be difficult. Many people will feel depressed, stressed, alone and anxious because they cannot leave their house without a good reason, meet their loved ones who live somewhere else or think clearly about a future with so many problems still ahead. Businesses will face huge losses again because they need to close and many employees will lose their jobs. We need to do what has been asked of us and we need to find means to get through these weeks. If we do well some measures might be withdrawn. We need to wait and see.

In the meantime I have been thinking about how to spend my time at home. There will be an increase in cooking and I will try to cook healthier meals and maybe let the kids cook some meals too… It might happen. I have added a baker to my news feed on Instagram. I might bake a bread again. I did one in the last lockdown. Jamie Oliver has uploaded many recipes again. I liked his efforts in the last lockdown and will follow him again.

I need to keep exercising. Use my headphones, put on some good walking music on my phone and just go, go. The dog will join me of course. SMS message number 6! I have bought a piece of elastic string so I can make masks. I am using old clothes. We will see how they turn out. We don’t really need them but I like to stay busy. I might do a puzzle again. Not too many pieces though…

These books, see the photo above, have been send to me by my aunt Lique a couple of weeks ago. She has been doing this on a regular basis for many years. I will not have enough time to read them the next couple of weeks and I have many that I have read already so if there is anybody on Skopelos who needs books, let me know. They have been my closest companion through stress, grief and anxiety. I will find a way to get them to you.

The next update from GTP travel pages gives a very well summary of all the new rules during this quarantine. Read through it if you have questions. Good luck everybody, look for help if you need it. Reach out to other people, your family, your friends. I already had a face time call from a friend in Holland wishing us luck with the lock down and have had several messages where we talked about it. I wrote a letter with a gift to a friend who will have a birthday soon and I will send some more letters to other friends. Show people that you care. It does not matter how. It is important.

GTP Greek Travel Pages on second lock down corona rules

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