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(SMS message 6: walk with the dog on Limnonari beach)

The Greek government has decided that a night curfew from 21.00 hours at night to 05.00 hours in the morning will start tomorrow, Friday November 13.

The curfew is aimed at further limiting movement in the country to curb the rise of Covid-19 cases. The night curfew was announced as many unnecessary movements have been recorded, according to authorities.

During the night curfew, movement (with identification papers) in Greece will be allowed by sending an SMS to the five-digit mobile phone service 13033 and only for the following reasons:

– Work (with type A employer certificate, without sending an SMS)
– Health (SMS – Option 1)
– Walk a pet close to permanent residence (SMS – Option 6)

(ongoing work at the top of the road from Mylos square, no space to park your car on top of that area anymore)

In order to not think too much I try to keep busy and do things that help me lift my spirits. I have had two requests for books so I looked everywhere in the house for the books that I have stored and want to give away, I have made a selection and made an appointment to drop them off somewhere. I had two successful drop-offs. I also picked up a small box with books that somebody else gave me. Really nice that people responded after my last post. I am planning to make a couple of shelves (with the help of my husband of course) in my office in town for a small library. You take one book if you give one. What do you think? The shelves are ready, now they need to be placed in the office and filled with books.

I had to get used to sending an SMS message again. The first messages went completely wrong. I forgot how to send them. A mask lies on hand in the car. Most people I see in cars, on motorbikes and on the street are wearing a mask.
It is good to see but I went for a long walk yesterday and after a while the mask started bothering me. You really need to regulate your breathing if you wear it for a long time. I cannot imagine how it is when you have to wear them for your work the whole day. Here we are fairly free in our movements, a drive to the beach is possible without being stopped.

Collin’s dictionary has named the word Lockdown word of the year. What can I say…

I heard that lots of people are waiting to have their flu shot. There is a long waiting list at all the pharmacies on Skopelos. It is for the most vulnerable people.

I have found a good method to make masks. Just to keep me busy. What we are going to do with them when we don’t need to wear them anymore, I don’t know.
I am re-using materials like old pants, pillow cases and bed linen. Doing this, amongst others, keeps me off the streets…..

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