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(very strong winds this morning on Milos Square, you can get blown down if you don’t watch out)

Today and tomorrow are winter days with a lot of wind and some rain on Skopelos. We have been a lot inside and we are fed up with cooking every day so take away/ take out food might be a solution. Gyros, souvlaki, pizza and burgers could be the food you crave and you can go or call to Gousto, La Tana, Magali and Thassos his kantina “Ormorfaini den pachaini” to get something but this winter, in addition, several restaurants remained open or re-opened in Skopelos Town and they have take away menu’s! I know of Molos restaurant, ouzeri Karydia and Ampeliki restaurant and the new Azan shop near the flower shops in Skopelos Town that do it. Please let me know if there are more places that do this kind of thing on other parts of the island. As far as I know all places mentioned that they also bring the food to your home. (within reason)

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