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Apart from the things we see happening on the island like road works and repairs most visitors and inhabitants of Skopelos (including me) don’t really know what is happening in the municipality. You could follow the municipality boardmeetings but they are only in Greek so a regular update from the Mayor about ongoing “work” is valuable. This is his list from a couple of days ago on Facebook (translated from Greek and edited by me sometimes to make the translation a little clearer)

1) The assignment of construction/repair of the first phase of the road to the Agios Konstantinos beach, a project with a budge 195,000 euros.
2) The construction of sidewalks near Stafylos, in Elios and in Glossa, a project of 300,000 euros project from the province
3) The asphalting of the provincial road, a project with a budget 2.500.000 euros, a project coming from the province.
4) The reconstruction/rebuilding study of the Health Center was finally assigned, budget 18,600 euros.
5) The conversion of the Melachrino family building of into a municipal library was approved, amounting to 152,000 euros and the municipality is proceeding with the auction (who will execute the work) of the project.
6) The reconstruction works of the Vougiala building/former KAPI building have been completed. The social service of the municipality has moved there already and the “FAROS” association also. The relocation of the technical service of the municipality will begin.
7) The configuration of the old slaughterhouse and the garbage trucks parking area is progressing.
8) The support works on the rocks below the Agios Nikolaos church near the Kastro area are progressing.
9) The works at the municipal stadium are progressing. The lawn was mowed, rolled and the irrigation system was fixed. The grass is green again!
10) The asphalting of the road leading to the area of ​​the Mylos has been completed and the lighting fixtures remain to be connected.
11) The cleaning and landscaping of the plots that the municipality has on the Castle/Kastro is progressing.

12) The landscaping of the coastal areas in Loutraki and Skopelos is progressing.
13) The digitalization of the services of the municipality is progressing.
14) The recording in a GIS system (geographic information system) of the electric lighting network throughout the island has been completed.

15) An older garbage truck of the municipality was completely repaired.
16) An old multi-machine of our municipality was repaired.
17) Two new small garbage trucks were received to be used for the interior of the villages worth 50,000 euros.
18) The pumping station of the municipality underwent maintenance.
19) The following plans will be developed:
a) creation of paths on the island 100 km long
b) creation of two mountain bike routes
c) creation of an application and recording of bicycle routes on the existing roads.
20) The works have started in order to submit a proposal for the construction of a new part in the landfill since the existing landfill is in disrepair.
21) The preparations for the submission of proposals continue in all 12 areas of “the Antonis Tritsis urban development programme” of the Ministry of Interior.
For more info about this interesting program look Antonis Tritsis urban development programme
22) The first 30 files of the municipality’s owned properties were submitted to the national land registry and the municipality continues this difficult and very important project so all the properties belonging to the municipality are registered.
23) The submittal and registration via the forestry office of the municipal properties, was done.
24) Maintenance of the first folklore/traditional costumes of the Folklore Museum was done. Old books were registered and the municipality will continue with the rest of the costumes and fabrics in the museum.
25) The publication of K. Kosmas’ book with stories from our island is in progress.
26) The following books are edited and will be published:
a) The priest mr. Kostas Kallianos who wrote about the parishes of Skopelos and
b) Mr. Giorgos Sanidas who wrote about mr. Papadiamantis’ relationship with Skopelos.
27) Finally, a collection of Skopelos songs is collected by Mr. Konstantinos Paschalis with the aim of publishing them.
28) With the money received (15,000 euros, with a proposal that the municipality submitted) from the Ministry of Culture, a showcase of two costumes from Skopelos will be made by a specialized company, and all the exhibits of all our museums will be photographed and digitalized.

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