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The new normal?

(Glysteri yesterday morning, south winds, high waters)

Yesterday was a rainy day here on Skopelos and this weather fitted the mood we are in. The weather plays a big role. Here in Greece and on Skopelos we are in the fifth week of a general lockdown. We try to do things that can lift our spirits but that is not easy all the time. We go back and forth with thoughts and feelings. All gloom and then optimistic. Feeling low and with the first sunshine more energized and ready to take on the world. I think many feel like that. Depending also on how strict a lockdown is installed in their city, village and how their life is affected if you think about work, education etc. This lockdown is different from the first one when everything was new. Now we have to do it again and I feel it is much more difficult the second time.

On Skopelos we have a certain kind of freedom to go out and the meeting of people on streets can be easily avoided, if you want, because there are not a lot of people on the island! If you want to meet people on a beach or in the nature that is also easy because there is hardly anybody around!

We still have two ferryboats and one flying dolphin travelling back and forth to the Sporades and it was just announced yesterday by the ministry of Finance that in order to have them continue this service they will be supported with two million euro until the end of 2020. 2 million euro support for boats

Most “general” shops on the island are closed. If you really need something you can try calling the shop and arrange a “takeaway”. Order the things you need and pick them up. I think it is better than ordering something online. Support the local shops. Yesterday I ordered a pillow and some elastic band. I met with the shop owner (masks on) on a square and I paid her. I asked beforehand what the cost was. New measures have been announced today. More about that in another post.

On Skopelos, with this current situation, restaurants, souvlaki and pizza places do takeaway and so do most coffeeshops. Some deliver at home too. I have told you this before, I know. It is nice to support them, though, in these difficult times.

Will deliveries at home without seeing many people be the new normal? Shopping without many other people? Will the new normal be living and working with only a few people around you for company?

Will the new normal be hesitating before you shake a hand, kiss or hug somebody you know, a family member or a friend? That used to be a spontaneous thing! A normal act. I really hope it will become normal again.

On a lighter note, with so much time on my hands, at home, I am making my own masks. On YouTube there are many people showing us how to make them. After numerous mistakes I have found a good pattern and recognize which kind of fabric I need to use. I am using a firmer kind of fabric for one side and another lighter fabric like sheets, old swimming trunks (yes!) and old couch pillows cases. The new “normal” is having them hanging on our washing line, on my ironing board and in a box on the refrigerator. Ready to be used. Don’t know for how long…

The civil protection office from the municipality yesterday gave this message (see below) directed to all of those who live on Skopelos. They respond to information from the Greek government and questions from the public that have occurred in the last few weeks. (Translated and edited a little by me to make it more clear)

1) The recent two (2) cases of coronavirus patients announced by EODY (National Organization for Public Health) for the Sporades Prefecture do not concern the island of Skopelos.

2) Your concern and questions and their management should always concern us and not only when cases occur.

Note by me: people have complained that it is not just about if there are corona virus patients on the island but also about what is being done, how measures are being followed up. There is no transparency they say.

3) We must not be complacent and always follow the rules of self-protection:
a) social distancing, b) wear a mask, c) clean hands, d) no overcrowding e) no uncontrolled concentrations of people.

4) In this current situation, nobody should panic and be fearful, they should try to preserve self-control, be patient and don’t relax the rules of self protection (see number 3)

5) We would like to inform you that requests from the Municipality of Skopelos to the Ministry of Health and the Region have been sent about the condition of the Health Center and for the needs of medical, nursing staff and the shortages of medical supplies. We also requested the presence of an EODY team on our island.

Note by me: The health center needs help, the building needs to be renovated, there is not enough staff and they need supplies. Many citizens and visitors have helped the health center the last couple of years but funding from the government is necessary and that effort needs to be made by the municipality

Stay well, stay safe everybody!

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