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(Sorry, Panormos again)

The mayor of Skopelos announced on Saturday that 190.000 euro is going to be available to repair the road leading to the Agios Konstantinos beach. He also announced that repairs on the roof of the high school of Glossa are finished.

As of Monday a couple of restrictions concerning the lockdown in Greece are being lifted. GTP Travel News has it all written down again so I am borrowing their text again.

Greece Announces Limited Easing of Covid-19 Lockdown Restrictions for Holiday Season

Greek authorities on Friday announced a limited easing of the country’s Covid-19 lockdown restrictions for the Christmas and new year holidays.

Government Spokesperson Stelios Petsas announced the following on Friday:

Retailers, from Sunday, December 13, until Thursday, January 7, 2021, will be allowed to operate only under the so-called “click-away” method to accept orders by consumers made online or via telephone. Customers will be allowed to enter stores only to collect their orders. Shopping in retail stores is not allowed. It is also noted that the “click-away” method will not apply to shops in malls, which will remain closed.

Hairdressers and barber shops will operate (only with scheduled appointments) throughout the country as of Monday, December 14, from 7am until 9 pm, under strict measures that include mandatory mask wearing.

Bookstores will reopen throughout the country from Monday, December 14, under strict measures: a maximum of four customers will be allowed in stores up to 100 sq.m. or one customer per 15 sq.m. for stores over 100 sq.m.

Churches will be open to worshipers only on Christmas day (December 25) and on the Epiphany (also called Theofania or Fota) holiday (January 6). During these two days, only nine people will be allowed in churches at the same time and up to 25 people in the Metropolitan churches in all regions of the country will be allowed.

Night curfew in place / Movement only via SMS

Greece will continue to have a night curfew throughout the holiday season. From Sunday, December 13, until January 7, 2021, from 10 pm to 5 am non-essential movement is prohibited. Outside movement will continue to be allowed only for specific reasons and by sending an SMS to the five-digit mobile phone service 13033.

It is noted that for movements related to picking up “click-away” shopping orders from retail stores and going to hairdressers and bookstores, consumers must send an SMS to option 2.

International travel
All travelers entering Greece from countries abroad between Friday, December 18 and Thursday, January 7, 2021, will be obliged to enter a preventive quarantine for 3 days (reduced from the 10-day quarantine rule that had been previously announced).

Source: GTP travel news

Old photo’s of Skopelos? Look here: LiFo

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