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At 17.00 hours today we saw the wonderful another sort of life/η ζωη αλλιως on Ert1. This is a series of television programmes where an island or area is shown. Ina Tarandou is the presenter and she is not afraid to take time to hear beautiful personal stories from the people she interviews. This time Alonissos is highlighted. In the one hour of the broadcast you might not see everything there is on the island but you get a good idea of how they live there and that is the charm of it. More time devoted to interesting people. The young and old(er) on the island have an enticing story to tell about how they live on Alonissos and why they want to live there.

What we see is the amazing underwater Peristera shipwreck, the impressing Alonissos Museum, founded in 2000 by Kostas and Angela Mavrikis, the very informative Mediterranean monk seal center, Kostas and his hand made drums and many more wonderful people. Another sort of life/η ζωη αλλιως is in Greek but the scenery and people speak for themselves. You might recognize somebody!

While watching this I think it is wonderful to see the professionalism that the inhabitants show when it comes to giving information about their heritage. The museums that are open to the public and the information centers with volunteers helping out.

Ertflix another sort of life/η ζωη αλλιως; Alonissos

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Rapid tests results

According to the Skiathos life website all 59 rapid tests that were performed on Skopelos on Friday and Saturday for Covid-19, were negative. Skiathoslife website: rapid Covid-19 tests

Milia beach from above

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