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Men’s best friend

Natasa Lambrogianni has a dog and cat shelter on Skopelos. She takes care of many animals that need help. She has saved many. Natasa and a couple of volunteers feed the cats and dogs via her non-profit organization Straycare Skopelos, she has cats and dogs neutered and asks of the citizens of Skopelos to do the same. She also tries to have the animals adopted. A friend of Natasa in Athens helps her with the adoptions. If they get adopted they all have proper adoption papers, they have been neutered and they can only be adopted if they will not be chained and not live on balconies or roof terraces. A family would be the best place for them to live. They need to be an equal part of the family Natasa said to me today.

I am talking about Natasa because I saw a wonderful post from her yesterday. Natasa asked everyone who follows her on Facebook and has adopted a dog if they could send in photos of the dogs. They did and these are some of the dogs that have found new homes. I love seeing all the dogs in their new houses with their new owners! Everybody in the posts had their own story about how these animals “men’s best friends” changed their lives and they deserve a place on this blog today, Christmas day.

I admire Natasa, she is hands on, she is there for the animals and takes no cr.p. Many people know her but if you don’t know her and are interested try to find out about her when you are on Skopelos again, talk to her and if you can, help her.

(All these dogs have found a new home!)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/anastasia.lamprogianni/

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