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(Stafylos on Tuesday morning 29 December 2020)

I don’t like the day before the New Year. On this day you reflect how the year has been and usually I don’t get a clear picture. I have lived the year and when something worthwhile happened I lived that moment to the fullest at that time. The day before the New Year will not bring those moments back with the same love, enjoyment, sorrow, grief, excitement. So maybe that is what I will think about today and remember of this year; to live more in the moment!

What I hope for in 2021? Less suffering, more kindness in the world and for Skopelos? That parts of its identity; culture, nature and environment get more incorporated in a roadmap for the future of the island. Those that have invested already in drawing that roadmap should participate in the realization of it. Also the landmarks that we have on the island should be accessible for the public.

This guy below gets the kindness and stamina award from me and many others.

Photo: Marios Giannakou

This is long-distance runner Marios Giannakou. In October 2020 he carried student and friend Eleftheria Tosiou on his back all the way to the top of Mount Olympos. Eleftheria is 22 years old and disabled. “There is nothing more real than the dream,” Giannakou wrote on Instagram, as he reached Mytikas, the peak of Mount Olympos.

He also says “With the end of this difficult year nearby for all of us, I would like to say that every difficulty can be part of a chance to review circumstances, to get stronger and to to try more.

Thank you Marios, you inspire me and I will try more in 2021. To a New Year with many unforgettable wonderful moments. Happy 2021!

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