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So the weather in Greece and on Skopelos changed. We have had such wonderful weather so far with nice temperatures but that had changed two days ago. +3 degrees this morning and a little bit of snow on Mount Delphi. Two nights with heavy rain and yesterday during the day this continued too. Today it is cold but we have a sun shining. We are still in lockdown so we think well about our reason to go out of the house and before we send our SMS message. Masks ready and we are ready to go.

The sea is still rough and the shape of the beaches will change again. That is nice, always something interesting to find. More changes in the harbor, the entrance is “under construction”.

Skopelos is mourning the deaths of three relatively young people who died of causes not related to Covid-19. They died in the last three weeks. It must be so hard to say goodbye to your loved ones under these difficult circumstances. Our sincere condolences to their families.

Greece is doing relatively well with trying to get the pandemic under control and that is one of the reasons that tomorrow many retail shops, malls, hairdressers and barbers will reopen their shops again; under strict rules. The amount of people that can enter a shop will me minimized even further so crowding can be avoided. After you send message two you have two hours to shop.
Pre schools and elementary schools have been opened again since last week. Most parents have send their children to attend classes.

Greek Tourism Minister Harry Theoharis ruled out on Thursday the need for a Covid-19 vaccination certificate for travelers wishing to visit Greece this summer. Read more here, GTP travel pages

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