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The amount of corona virus patients is rising again in certain parts of Greece and this forces the Greek government to take separate measures for certain regions. Lockdown restrictions in Athens and the surrounding Attica region will get tougher as of tomorrow, Thursday, February 11, and will last until the end of the month. Schools closed except for special schools, tutoring via the internet again, retail shops closed again, hair dressers etc. too. A curfew on weekdays from 21.00 hours until 05.00 hours and a tough curfew in the weekend starting from 18.00 until 05.00 hours in the morning.

Ferryboat Express Skiathos has stopped running and ferryboat Proteus has taken over as of Sunday the 7th of February. Those that travel and arrive or leave the harbor will see that the biggest part of the entrance of the harbor is ready.

The weather will change radically in the weekend. We might have snow too.

Source: https://www.meteo.gr/cf-en.cfm?city_id=230

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