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Comments and a dragon

I have turned off the comments possibility for the 180 days in Greece post. I feel that the blog has served a purpose by showing people that there is a space where they can discuss this issue and maybe find a solution. People that disagree can do this on other pages, in private discussions etc. We have heard various opinions the last two days and some comments are getting personal which was not the intention of the post. It was about a situation that people who love Greece and want to stay longer are trying to change. I feel that the possibility of people staying long/longer in Greece will benefit Greece in some way or another and that is only positive. I am a permanent resident for 25 years here on Skopelos and I am thankful I do not find myself in the situation of “securing” my stay here. I realize I am lucky and for ever grateful I can work and live here. I do not take it for granted, ever!

‚ÄčI went to the Drakontoschisma area.

There is a Skopelos myth saying that: many years a dragon appeared on Skopelos, who would kill and eat many people. When Saint Riginos learned about this, he decided to try and kill it. Pretending to be a sailor, he got on a ship going to the island. When he disembarked, he asked: Where for the mercy=Eleos of God is the monster? The place he stepped foot on was named Elios. The dragon was lured towards the area with the rocks and the sea and there it was killed. The rocks were torn=schisma and the place was later called drakontoschisma= dragon’s schism.

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