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Megalo Pefko beach

As of today retail stores in Greece will re-open to consumers. The opening of these shops will be under COVID-secure guidelines. The government decided to make adjustments to the existing measures, in an aim to address the lockdown fatigue that citizens are facing. In the cities of Thessaloniki, Kozani and the area of Achaia the shops will not open. There are too many Covid-19 patients there.

How consumers can shop

More specifically, all retail stores in the country will be open as of today, Monday, April 5, with a three-hour limit per shopper so as to avoid crowding. To go shopping, citizens must send an SMS with a special code (13032)

All retail stores will be operating by both “click away” and “click in shop” methods. The rest of the article is here: https://news.gtp.gr/2021/03/31/shops-greece-re-open-under-covid-19-guidelines/

I know that Americans are really looking forward to come to Skopelos. Here is an article about how they can travel: https://news.gtp.gr/2021/04/02/fully-vaccinated-americans-do-not-need-to-quarantine-after-travel-say-new-cdc-guidelines/

On Saturday we visited a beach that , to our knowledge, was not reachable by car before now. It is called Μεγαλο/Big Πεφκο/Pefko. It is the next beach after Kastani. The road to the beach is longer and is still under construction. The beach is still completely natural. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Anybody that wants to get vaccinated can go to the KEP office. Here you give your details and with you AMKA number you will be electronically able to get the shot(s) You will not make the appointment there but you are in the registered in the Health system and especially for the vaccine shots. For this you can also go to the office of the social department of the municipality where Mrs. Maria Persisis and Mrs. Katherina Lithadioti work. It is two doors to the right from the KEP door. Very soon there will be more information about those foreigners that don’t have a AMKA (Greek social security number) but want to get vaccinated. It will be possible for them also to get vaccinated.

The central road along the harbor in Skopelos has now been lifted with a layer of cement. I think tiles will be placed on the same level with the sidewalks after this. It will be interesting to learn and see how the traffic in this area will be regulated. No streets with traffic (cars and motor bikes racing up and down the streets) and more possibilities for pedestrians to shop and sit outside nice coffee places and restaurants. Yes I am in!

Mrs. Sue Warren keeps surprising us with more interesting information about the flora of Skopelos with her blog “the wild flowers of Skopelos”

Here is her latest post about: Apiaceae; named for the bees http://www.wildflowersofskopelos.org.uk/Blog.html

We have a saying in Dutch which is: April doet wat hij wil/April does what it wants and the last few days have been an example of that. Really nice weather, around 25 degrees Celsius on Saturday and today a windy, miserable, rainy day. It will get better, I am sure!

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