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Doing it’s best

Live music in Apolafsi taverna in Skopelos town

This summer is the second summer during the Covid-19 pandemic that Skopelos receives visitors from all over the world. Because some countries make it difficult for their citizens to travel this summer we are receiving visitors that never visited the island before. It is interesting to see what they think of the island and how they react to what it has to offer. What are they looking for during their holiday. Is it what Skopelos already had or do they look for other facilities? How do they use of what Skopelos has to offer? The dynamic has changed and I like it. We are moving into unknown territories.

All over the island new businesses have started or people have come up with new ideas to promote the island. A lot of younger people own stores and cafe’s lately. If they stay and live and work on the island their new ideas are a good promotion for the island.

Local products are being promoted abroad and even receive awards. The Antoniou family (from the olive press in Glossa) received a bronze award for quality in the London international olive oil competition. In many stores, local products from Skopelos are available now. Olive oil, olives, honey, jams, dried fruits, herbs, wine, liqueur, soaps etc. Many young(er) people work in this business now and they have success.

There are still enough beaches that are quiet and secluded but if you want to be part of a beach bar environment you can enjoy this too. The beach bars look better and better and organized transport is organized for almost all of them. The rental of a boats has also taken off. There are more than four businesses now spread out from Agnondas to Loutraki.

A lot of restaurants have live music available and the atmosphere is very welcoming. More attention is being paid to menus and entourage of the venues. Small cafe’s that offer brunch and other types of bars especially for beer and cocktails are popular with the younger and older crowds.

The municipality is trying to upgrade many things on Skopelos like streets, harbors etc. They are making an effort. It might not go as quick as we would like but the intention is there.

The effort being made by so many is encouraging to see but we must not forget to respect the environment and also respect the people and animals that live on this island. Their voices need to be heard and if their are differences of opinion about an issue, all sides need to be heard and a solution can be found. Those that have no voice, like the animals, we are obliged to be their voice. Human treatment of all animals and helping the people that try to make a difference is very important for this island too!

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On Monday Pentecost is celebrated in Greece. Church services will be held in various churches on the island. Offices will be closed. Many supermarkets can be closed too. Bars and restaurants will be open.

It was great to see that so many people came off the various ferryboats yesterday to spend their holiday here. It gives everybody a feeling of hope for the next summer months. Many restaurants opened their doors for the first time this summer season and most of them have a couple of musicians who play live music. It is great to see that there is much more variety in cafe’s, lunch places etc. next to the already existing venues. Most beach bar’s are also up and running. Go Skopelos go!

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We are here they said

Boats are lifelines and their arrivals gives me the chills. Every time I see them coming into a harbor on Skopelos. Goods arriving, friends and family coming to visit. Help provided for those in need etc. etc. Its arrivals and departures have all the elements of life. Earlier before I could video tape this the boat blasted its horn to celebrate the first time arriving in this harbor. This second noise was more of a warning for the catamaran in the foreground!!

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Yesterday afternoon at around 14.30 I saw a new (for me) ferry boat approaching Skopelos. I think it is the ferryboat Super Runner that will do the route Thessaloniki-Sporades. In four hours you are on Skopelos. Great!!

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I found the first information/ itineraries on http://www.openseas.gr about the Golden Star Ferries; Super Runner that will sail three times a week (later four times a week) from Thessaloniki to the Sporades and back. The boat takes passengers and cars/trucks. The journey takes four hours to Skopelos. At all times, stay in touch with a ferry ticket office for the latest information about the journey. There are rumors that other boat companies are protesting because they lose potential customers….

(Source: http://www.openseas.gr)

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In the area of Loutsa there is unique small lake and around the lake many animals live. One of the animals is a water turtle. See the photo below taken by Alexia.

Alexia went to the lake last week and found a turtle walking along the road. She spoke to Adonis from Skopelos Experience (which is down the road from the lake) about the fact and he told her that there are people going to the lake and they take the turtles away. There are also people that take water from the lake for their animals! Others try to uproot the water lilies in the pond. They don’t know that waterlilies have intertwined roots that can reach the bottom of a pond/lake. If you try to take one water lily you can end up taking the whole lake with you! Please leave the water lilies where they belong!

Please, please respect this unique habitat and go and sit on the bench provided and look at the wonders of nature in front of u. Don’t harm it, don’t change it!

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A year without Maria

About a week ago we remembered that almost a year ago Miss Maria Garofalis died. Miss Maria was a daughter, a sister, an aunt and my landlady. On the day of the remembrance a lot of people showed up during the church service and that obviously meant a lot to the family!

No wonder we have a problem with our cholesterol levels! Mizithra, katiki and anthotero, all bought from a local farmer! The best!

In Skopelos (next to the taxi station) in Loutraki, in Elios and Agnondas underground waste storage units have been installed.

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On Friday, Saturday and Sunday the play Solace coffee will be performed in the garden of Orfeas with Covid-19 measures in place.

Solace coffee was written by local writer and poet mrs. Maro Vlachaki.

The doors of Orfeas will open at 20.30 hours. It is not possible to reserve seats. There are only a certain amount of seats available per night. Nobody can stand. Masks have to be worn. Small children can sit on laps due to restricted numbers of chairs.

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The Greek Seamen’s Federation (PNO) has announced a 24-hour strike for Thursday the 10th of June 2021.

The strike will last from 00:01 until 23:59 on Thursday.

Get in touch with your boat ticket office for the changing of your tickets if, nessecary, or look for alternatives.

It is possible to use a Seacab for a crossing. The ride is 25 euros a person with a minimum fare of 75 euros per crossing between Glossa and Skiathos. More for night crossings.

www.Seacab.gr  tel – 69 3434 3287

From Athens airport, Seacab are also now working with VIP Evia taxis who can collect people when they arrive, bring them to the port of Psaropouli (Vasilika), on Evia where the Seacab will be waiting, and from there to either Agnondas, Evia or Adrina on Skopelos. Total cost from the airport to the island is €450 for up to seven passengers and takes three hours 10 minutes.

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Covid 19 has brought a lot of changes in many people’s lives and one of them is that music cannot be taken for granted ever again. So far many musicians could only via live streaming perform and now that quarantine restrictions have lifted, live music is not allowed yet in many countries.

Many musicians are struggling financially and Theodoris Xidaris son of the famous Yorgos Xidaris who owns the famous Anatoli restaurant and rebettika club on Skopelos, is trying yo raise money to help musicians financially. Read below. His YouTube channel is: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCK3i5_I4indN99vO58Q69qg

Tonight at 19.00 hours, live music!!!

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