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A bag with four pairs of beach shoes yesterday, either on the ring road near Rigas’s shop or maybe in Panormos , near the camping place on the right side of the beach. In a small white and blue fabric bag. Please send a message to Steve if you found it. + 44 7816 221544

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RIP Kostis

Don’t go to the surface! There are humans there!

This is from the Facebook page of MoM; the environmental conservation organisation based on Alonissos

Unfortunately, yet again, it is proven that human wickedness and stupidity have no limits! We have been informed today that the young monk seal “Kostis” (who in recent months had become the mascot of Alonnisos) has been deliberately killed. The innocent and unaware seal was executed at close range with a spear gun that had a large spear for exactly that purpose!

This news was received with great grief and outraged not only the people of MOm (who cared for several months for Kostis during his rehabilitation), but also all the sensitized residents and visitors of Alonnisos who had the luck to admire “Kostis” from close by. The perpetrator obviously won’t have the slightest bit courage to come forward and admit his idiotic act. In view of this immoral and criminal act we call :

-The relevant authorities to take immediate action in order to bring the person(s) responsible for this barbarous act to justice.

-Any citizen who has any information about the incident to contact the Port Police authorities immediately.

-MOm will proceed with filing charges against anybody responsible.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/mom.gr/

The drawing above is not mine. Copyrights are with the creator

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Animal welfare organization StrayCare has organized a traditional Greek product market that will be held from Friday the 23rd of July until the 5th of August. The market is set up between the Skopelos municipal cafe and Barramares cafe.

Traditional products from Crete, Messinia, Kilkis, Aegina, Larissa, Akardia and Thessaloniki. Proceeds from the sales will go towards helping Straycare with neutering animals on Skopelos. Good luck everybody!

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The same?

I am a person who usually likes “things” to stay the same but in the last one and a half years we know that nothing is the same anymore and the future is a blank page.

To have a holiday and visit beautiful places is something many people have yearned for. To come back to Skopelos and enjoy it again has become soo important for many!

Those that visit Skopelos this year will have faced difficulties coming here. It is not always feasible to come to the island in one day but if you can, enjoy the trip, it is worth it!

The papers that visitors have to bring to come and travel in Greece is different for everybody. It is the most simple if you are vaccinated. When you return back home there are countries that still ask for a negative PCR test. For more recent info look here: https://news.gtp.gr/2021/07/16/covid-19-rules-for-flights-to-greek-islands-in-place-until-july-26/ and here: https://skopelosnews.wordpress.com/pcr-test-where/

On islands like Mykonos and Crete there are increasing numbers of Covid patients and as of, yesterday there is a curfew from one o’clock at night until six in the morning. It is also forbidden to play music in bars, clubs and restaurants. A lot of people are entertaining themselves in clubs indoors or in big villas. The results are this.

The photo above is from last Friday when both the Champion jet (Route Thessaloniki-Sporades-Evia-Thessaloniki) and the Express Skiathos were in the harbor of Skopelos.

And here on Skopelos in some places time is standing still. The inhabitants go about their business and their daily routines stay the same. Their lives, the lives of those that work and those that holiday here, it is all one big mix of people that are the foundation of Skopelos. Modern Skopelos, traditional Skopelos. It is Greece.

Spiros and Vaso Kosmas will have an exhibition of their sculptures (Spiros) and paintings (Vaso) in the cinema building Orpheas from tomorrow.

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A week ago an elderly lady came into my office and asked if i wanted to buy a handmade basket. I knew she and her husband make them because their workshop is in the Skopelos parking lot. I park there but they sleep and work there. I refused to buy one week ago but in the back of my mind I knew I wanted to buy one of them. Yesterday I found a parking spot right next to them. I knew this was the right moment to buy the basket. I love it! A storage place for vegetables, bits and bobs, it will be very useful I am sure (my husband might disagree…) I don’t care!

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The cultural association of Skopelos has organized again the Rebetiko music festival with many, well known, musicians from the mainland joining our own local musicians from the 13th until the 16th of July. All evenings start around 20.30 hours. Place to be, the old harbor of Skopelos. Entrance free.

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Sushi on Skopelos

Restaurant owner Nikos Stamatakis from Skopelos talks about making sushi on Skopelos which is an ancient tradition.

Click the link here:


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This watch was lost on Tuesday between Nostos taverna and the carpark. Please let Skopelosnews know if you found it or call Frode on 6947619003. Thank you!

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Updates rules for ferry travel from the mainland to the islands and visa versa.

Negative self-test results for Covid-19, as of Monday, July 5, will no longer be accepted as a document for adults to board a ferry to travel to the Greek islands from the mainland, the Greek authorities announced on Thursday.

Speaking during a Covid-19 media briefing, Greek Civil Protection Deputy Minister Nikos Hardalias announced updated rules for travel to the Greek islands from the mainland. All rules will be in force from Monday, July 5.

Traveling to an island

Adults in Greece (residents and foreign visitors) will be allowed to travel from the mainland to the Greek islands by ferry only if they have one of the following:

– a vaccination certificate or a recovery certificate
– a negative PCR test performed less than three days (72 hours)
– a negative rapid antigen test taken 48 hours prior to travel.

Young people, minors

– Young people aged 12 to 17 may present any test, including self-tests, to embark on a ferry.
– Minors up to 12 years old travel can travel on a ferry without presenting a test.

Returning to the mainland

Passengers returning to the mainland (e.g. back to Athens) from an island are recommended to conduct a self-test (the recommendation is for all passengers over the age of 12).

Negative self-test results must be filled out on the self-test declaration form on the self-testing.gov.gr platform found here (in English and Greek).

Exempt from the above rules are:

– passengers traveling from the mainland to the islands of Evia, Lefkada and Salamina.
– people who travel between different island regional units for work purposes on a daily basis and already present a negative Covid-19 self-test every week.
– people who travel between islands that are in very close distance to one another or on ferries that connect the mainland with nearby islands. Those traveling daily for work purposes will continue to present a negative Covid-19 self-test every week. Individual travelers, traveling for what ever reason, must present a negative self-test before boarding a ferry.

It is reminded that all ferry passengers must fill out a health declaration questionnaire before traveling from the mainland to the Greek islands.

Passengers returning to the mainland (e.g. back to Athens) from an island will again have to fill out the pre–boarding questionnaire. Passengers traveling between islands (e.g. Mykonos to Santorini) are not required to fill out the questionnaire.

The pre-boarding health declaration questionnaire is also available via ferry operators.

Air travel: Flying domestic to the islands

The aforementioned rules for travel from the Greek mainland to the islands will also be in force for people traveling on domestic flights from Monday, July 5. An announcement by the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (HCAA) should be released over the weekend.

Greece’s rules for travel from the mainland to the islands are part of the Greek government’s efforts to curb the spread of the corona virus in the country.

Source: https://news.gtp.gr/2021/07/01/greece-updates-rules-for-ferry-travel-from-the-mainland-to-the-islands/

new rules also apply for parking and accessing the port and port area along the waterfront. The road is so beautiful now so hopefully people will respect the area!

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