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The same?

I am a person who usually likes “things” to stay the same but in the last one and a half years we know that nothing is the same anymore and the future is a blank page.

To have a holiday and visit beautiful places is something many people have yearned for. To come back to Skopelos and enjoy it again has become soo important for many!

Those that visit Skopelos this year will have faced difficulties coming here. It is not always feasible to come to the island in one day but if you can, enjoy the trip, it is worth it!

The papers that visitors have to bring to come and travel in Greece is different for everybody. It is the most simple if you are vaccinated. When you return back home there are countries that still ask for a negative PCR test. For more recent info look here: https://news.gtp.gr/2021/07/16/covid-19-rules-for-flights-to-greek-islands-in-place-until-july-26/ and here: https://skopelosnews.wordpress.com/pcr-test-where/

On islands like Mykonos and Crete there are increasing numbers of Covid patients and as of, yesterday there is a curfew from one o’clock at night until six in the morning. It is also forbidden to play music in bars, clubs and restaurants. A lot of people are entertaining themselves in clubs indoors or in big villas. The results are this.

The photo above is from last Friday when both the Champion jet (Route Thessaloniki-Sporades-Evia-Thessaloniki) and the Express Skiathos were in the harbor of Skopelos.

And here on Skopelos in some places time is standing still. The inhabitants go about their business and their daily routines stay the same. Their lives, the lives of those that work and those that holiday here, it is all one big mix of people that are the foundation of Skopelos. Modern Skopelos, traditional Skopelos. It is Greece.

Spiros and Vaso Kosmas will have an exhibition of their sculptures (Spiros) and paintings (Vaso) in the cinema building Orpheas from tomorrow.

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