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The Modern Trail Runners in Cooperation with the Municipality of Skopelos proudly present the first annual ‘Skopelos Trail Race’ on the 5th September 2021. 

Starting at 8 a.m. we present you with the authentic Greek island village, rising up to stunning mountain locations expect steep uphill climbs and fast downhill stretches via nature’s trails with amazing views every step of the way. 

We have handcrafted medals, local products, cultural performances and much more just for you. 

So come and join us on this historic day and create a journey to remember.

For further information and details about the festivities, the different races and the kilometers run, visit at www.themoderntrailrunners.com  


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This photobook (with French under titles) was made during the first Covid-19 quarantine on Skopelos. It is available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08LNKYH35/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glc_fabc_S67T9HDRSQGJG87GKQKP

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It is not what you want when you are on holiday but the island needed some rain. We saw the cloud coming and the taverna tables that were all set up for dinner were quickly removed of glasses, silverware, plates and table cloths.

The rainfall was short but we are thankfull!

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Green and yellow

It is a blessing to be living on this island and for work purposes to be able to drive on the island in the morning and see the sea, the amazing forest and the enchanting villages. I visited the small village of Old Klima and in every corner and every turn of a street there is something old and beautiful to see. Between the renovated houses are small ruins and they seem to coexist. All is part of the charm.

The pace in Old Klima is slow; it is just right to enjoy the silence, the stunning views, the sunset, the stars. It is all there.

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It is a stubborness. 

There are some stubborn children with a soul of steel and silk, with a lion's heart and a fearless look who with a waterhose on their shoulders set up a block against the fiery flames in the villages of Kamatriades, Jerakiou, Avgaria and Galatsona (on Evia) All night long.

To save what can be saved from their "sacred land", from their home. They are stubborn children who made a human chain every night in the north of Evia and their own height exceeds the flames of 30 and 40 meters.
They are some seasonal firefighters, some 18-year-old kids, some 25-year-old lads and some 50-something and 60-something-men who proved,  once again, that apart from "Mitsotakis did what was humanly possible". There is also
 "We did what seemed impossible and we accomplished it"

These stubborn, disobedient, children who did not listen to the instructions of sms message 112 (evacuate the village/city) They took the case into their own hands, gave and are still giving. 

They fought their own battles and "held back" for another night the fiery flames in the ravine. It did no matter how hard it was, they did not allow it to enter their villages.

They are some stubborn children that have the answers because Greece "endures and perseveres" and for centuries, stands upright. 

Copyright photos Matina Katsiveli, Areti Athanasiou (also the text)

(this text is translated by me and slightly altered to make it more understandable)

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Men and its friends

Copyright RedDuckling

The situation with fires in Greece is extremely difficult at the moment. Thousands of m2 of forest have been destroyed. Villages burned down and at least three people have died and some other people have been hurt and burned.

It is good to see that these men and their dog and cat are safe. It is not the same for all the wild animals that died in the forests that burned down the last few days.

From the island of Evia many people were saved with ferryboats, fishing boats, private boats and boats from the Greek marine.

Help from countries around Greece has arrived but the heat and wind does not help at all. Later the responsibility of how the fires were put out and the exact course of action that was taken will be discussed in length. It is very very sad for all those that are suffering. We wish them strength!!

It is up to us now to be extremely careful! No work outside that can cause fire, no smoking outside. No cigarette butts on the road. Do not light candles in shrines along the road. No bbq-ing at all. Don’t go to the forests! The fires are not under control and it takes nothing at all to have a fire started anywhere!!

Take care of the animals. Leave water and food for them.

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Emergency alert

This message I just received on my phone.

The English text is below the Greek one.

I have only received these kind of texts when we were in quarantine because of Covid-19.

Now it is because of the weather conditions and how careful we need to be the next days because the wind is picking up and this will be, in case of a fire, a very dangerous enemy.

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Be careful

The Greek government has asked everybody to be extremely careful during these very hot days. Don’t smoke outside in the nature. Don’t throw your cigarette buds on the street. Avoid work that can cause sparks that can cause a fire. Don’t BBQ outside!

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Two jobs

I don’t know if it is a trend on the island this year but many taverna’s, restaurants, beach bars and small bars have live music in the evenings. It adds something joyful to your evening. Many musicians that play in the night have ordinary day jobs too. My brother was a musician and I know that the urge to play music is with you, always. It is a way to express yourself!

There are also several restaurant owners that will play in their own business as soon as things wind down. Here on Skopelos “two job” musicians are a firefighter, a painter, a coffee shop owner, a building material shop owner, a courier business owner. Enjoy their music !!

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