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Men and its friends

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The situation with fires in Greece is extremely difficult at the moment. Thousands of m2 of forest have been destroyed. Villages burned down and at least three people have died and some other people have been hurt and burned.

It is good to see that these men and their dog and cat are safe. It is not the same for all the wild animals that died in the forests that burned down the last few days.

From the island of Evia many people were saved with ferryboats, fishing boats, private boats and boats from the Greek marine.

Help from countries around Greece has arrived but the heat and wind does not help at all. Later the responsibility of how the fires were put out and the exact course of action that was taken will be discussed in length. It is very very sad for all those that are suffering. We wish them strength!!

It is up to us now to be extremely careful! No work outside that can cause fire, no smoking outside. No cigarette butts on the road. Do not light candles in shrines along the road. No bbq-ing at all. Don’t go to the forests! The fires are not under control and it takes nothing at all to have a fire started anywhere!!

Take care of the animals. Leave water and food for them.

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