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It is a stubborness. 

There are some stubborn children with a soul of steel and silk, with a lion's heart and a fearless look who with a waterhose on their shoulders set up a block against the fiery flames in the villages of Kamatriades, Jerakiou, Avgaria and Galatsona (on Evia) All night long.

To save what can be saved from their "sacred land", from their home. They are stubborn children who made a human chain every night in the north of Evia and their own height exceeds the flames of 30 and 40 meters.
They are some seasonal firefighters, some 18-year-old kids, some 25-year-old lads and some 50-something and 60-something-men who proved,  once again, that apart from "Mitsotakis did what was humanly possible". There is also
 "We did what seemed impossible and we accomplished it"

These stubborn, disobedient, children who did not listen to the instructions of sms message 112 (evacuate the village/city) They took the case into their own hands, gave and are still giving. 

They fought their own battles and "held back" for another night the fiery flames in the ravine. It did no matter how hard it was, they did not allow it to enter their villages.

They are some stubborn children that have the answers because Greece "endures and perseveres" and for centuries, stands upright. 

Copyright photos Matina Katsiveli, Areti Athanasiou (also the text)

(this text is translated by me and slightly altered to make it more understandable)

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