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Itinerary Skopelos Trail Race

So for the first time in many years a running event is taking place on Skopelos. Hopefully the inhabitants and visitors of Skopelos will embrace the event and make a yearly feast that celebrates running, exercizing in general and our health.

It would be wonderful if people could cheer on the runners along the route. If I have more detailed information about it I will let you know. Starting and finishing point is the old harbor.

21Km The main event 18yrs +

This mountain race takes athletes deep into the heart of the island’s second highest summit Mount Palouki.

All the races start and finish at the historical old port, runners shall climb straight up into the main village where they shall be greeted with the traditional characteristics of the Skopalitian architecture. We shall continue to climb via a labyrinth of narrow streets and the famed steps of the Chora eventually exiting onto the ring road where we shall continue downhill towards the Stafylos road before heading southeast on the dirt tracks upwards towards Mount Palouki.

Race Description

  • Start time 8am 
  • Length 21km / 13.049 miles 
  • Elevation gain 546m / 1,790ft
  • Various Terrain, cobbled streets, asphalt, dirt tracks, trails and mountain scree
  • Refreshment stations – 4
  • Competitors benefits – Handcrafted medals / buffer / pasta party / local artisan products

5km Urban landscape 12yrs+

A great entry point into running. Athletes shall start with the more experienced long distance runners heading straight into the village exiting onto the ring road where we shall continue on towards Stafylos, taking a sharp left towards Mount Palouki before tailing off the dirt tracks to skirt the back of the southeast side of Skopelos passing through various agricultural fields and the towns coastline, eventually traversing back to the finish line.

Race Description

  • Start time 8.30 am
  • Length 5km / 3.107 miles
  • Elevation gain 90m / 295ft
  • Various Terrain, cobbled streets, asphalt, dirt tracks and trails
  • Refreshment stations – 2
  • Competitors¬†benefits – Handcrafted medals / buffer / pasta party / local artisan products
  • Entry fee -10¬£

1.5km Children’s race 6yrs +

The perfect opportunity to introduce your child into sport where they shall explore the importance of group participation whilst having fun literally every step of the way.

Race Description

start time 10.00 am

  • Length 1.5km /0.932 miles
  • Elevation gain 
  • Various Terrain, cobbled streets and beach coastline
  • Refreshment stations – 1
  • Children’s benefits – Handcrafted medals / t-shirts / certificate of achievement 
  • Entry fee – Free of charge

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