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Never the same

September is a month that holds surprises. The weather is not as stable as July and August but the days are somehow sweeter, with a softer light and when we have rain or a rainstorm the days afterwards are quieter, like we have taken a deep breath and are ready to go again. For the last part of the summer.

The sky and the clouds are amazing, a deeper blue and you can see the strangest, most beautiful shapes high above.

The sea is calming down and the different kinds of blue are slowly fading.

The beaches have been reshaped again and in certain parts in the sea you will find stones where sand was or the other way around.

The activities on the sea don’t stop yet. They are one of the best ways to explore the sea, the interesting coastline of Skopelos and the private beaches that cannot be reached by car or on foot.

All the changes, all the colors, they are never the same and I love it.

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