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Kostas Karvelis, photo by Kostas Andreou

Eight years ago I used this photo made by Kostas Andreou to tell skopelosnews readers about Mr. Kostas Karvelis who was 80 years old at the time and still working as a goat herder with his son Pandelis. Unfortunately Pandelis has since died but Mr. Kostas is still going strong.

Today he is 88 years old and you can still find him, with his big goat herd, in the Pirgos area.

Every morning, very early, he will walk from the village of Elios up to the Pirgos area to the herd. It takes him 1,5 hours o get up the hill. He then will walk all day in the area of Pirgos with the goats and in the late afternoon, after the work has been done, he will walk down to Elios again. Maybe in less than 1,5 hours because it is downhill.

We found Mr. Kostas on the road near the small Agios Riginos church in Pirgos this afternoon around 4 o’ clock and passed him with the car but my husband said:” stop! I think we can give him a lift”.

And he gladly accepted. 88 years old and still working so hard. Mr. Kostas probably does not know what life without work is. He probably would not know what to do with himself. He has been with the goats since he was 12. He married. He has three daughters. The car that his son left behind he cannot drive, never learned to. We saw it outside his house when we dropped him off.

But he is a hero for me and my husband. I feel humbled that I know him a little. Just the way he is. A no nonsense guy. Work needs to be done. People need milk and meat. I provide it he says.

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A new place to honor those that have fallen

On Thursday it is the 28th of October in Greece and all remember on this day those that stood up against oppression by remembering why they said no/όχι in a terrible war.

I have written about it on the blog. Please have a look if you want more information.

Under normal circumstances on this day there would be a church ceremony and after that children from all schools and the scouts would march in the harbor past the officials, parents and other onlookers.

Before the parade wreaths would be put on the war monument close to the harbor.

This year because the Sporades and the province of Thessalia have many covid-19 patients the parade has been cancelled for tomorrow.

The laying of the wreath will be done at the new place of the war monument in the old harbor. The war monument was removed from its cramped place near the new harbor and has now a dignified place in the old harbor.

If you want to follow the laying of the wreaths visit the war monument after 10.30 hours tomorrow.

Bank, government offices and most shops will be closed tomorrow.

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The groups first walk of the season to the Agia Marina Spring was in perfect walking, weather and ground conditions.

The blue checked tablecloth shared picnic was well appreciated as was the refreshing spring water.

This weeks scramble will be tomorrow, Sunday the 24th of October,

The start is from Sklavenitis supermarket at 10.30 am and will continue along the old Stafilos road and down to Stafilos beach.

There all walkers are invited to taste from the contents of the shared picnic and then to follow at least two Scramblers who have already shown a particular interest, in a sea adventure (without jellyfish ofcourse…)

There will be the possibility of transport back to Skopelos town should anyone require it.

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She does the work with her volunteers. Bravo Heather Parsons.


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This is the story of a dog called Goofy that was found by Natasa from Straycare on Skopelos and who recently found a new home in Athens. Natasa tells the story of Goofy here:

"About two and a half years ago, a friend informed me that there is a small dog, permanently tied on a leash around his neck. The leash was very tight. She informed me that she was going there and was feeding the dog and that we had to do something.

Because so much was going on already, I was thinking, where will I take the dog if I take it?

A few days later while returning from feeding the cats I saw the dog running in the street. He did not approach me and I could not catch it. It was only 7 kilos. I put food and water in the street and with the third attempt I caught him. The dog was full of ticks and had a huge sore neck because of the tight leash.

Without thinking I took him home to all my other animals that I take care of. 

I have had him for more than two years now. Until recently, due to my workload, I never had the opportunity give this dog up for adoption. There were always more urgent cases. 

But a few days ago my Goofy was adopted. A 11 kilos boy now.
Goofy went to a lovely house with an amazing mom, who loved him from the first moment she saw him. I did not expect him to adapt in the home from the first day and yet Goofy not only adapted but also made new friends. He has gone for walks and he already made his acquaintances. The parents of the girl who adopted him also love him! 

I am crying constantly because I know how much I will miss him and he will miss both me and his three dog friends in Skopelos who hung out with him but how can you deprive him of such a better life, how? 

I know that his new mom will offer him a lot of love and care, something that all of us active volunteers, no matter how much we want, cannot offer because we take care of hundreds of animals every day .

Needless to say, the woman who helped with the adoption is Fenia, the guardian angel of the animals from Skopelos. She has made a lot of adoptions possible for Skopelitakia animals.

Have a great life, my Goofy, with your new family .....

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The photograph was taken at one of the training sessions for Skopelos Aquafit where those who are on the island meet together with instructor Muriel at the swiiming pool and practice the moves, adding and perfecting what was to be the summer sessions.

Three months of activity followed at Hotel Dyonissos with a few sessions in the sea. The group would like to thank the hotel staff for inviting them for what was their ninth year at the hotel.

Skopelos Scramblers

This Sundays walk, Sunday 17th, is to Ag Marina Spring.

The meeting point is the archeological site Ascelepion on Skopelos shore road at 10.30am.

When we reach the spring, Muriel will spread out her famous blue checked tablecloth for a shared picnic.

Everyone is welcome to join the Scramblers including our four legged friends.

Please phone Muriel 24240 24732 if you have any questions.

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I am not somebody who likes to ask for money. If for a situation a practical solution can be found I will do my best to find that solution but.. I am now writing this small post because I want to help a teenager on the island to follow his dream. In order to be able to do this he needs some money to travel to the mainland and stay in a pension for two days at the time. Let me tell you why.

This teenager is very good at a certain sport. For this type of sport there is no team here on the island and talent has been recognized by a team in Volos on the mainland. To be able to participate in some of the workouts and play games this teenager has to go to Volos. But money is a little bit tight…

I want to donate and maybe someone else too? If you do please contact me via my email address daphneskopelos@hotmail.com and hopefully we can be part of a solution.


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And then it is quiet again on the island. The population of Skopelos has changed this time of the year and the islanders are in the majority again. Most visitors have left but Skopelitans will also leave, at some point, or have already left to visit family on the mainland, abroad or go for a vacation.

But for now, many Skopelitans, are part of the daily scene on the streets. Most have finished their multiple jobs and now have time to relax, to shop, to travel and to socialize.

There are restaurants and bars that are still open and visitors that are here will find enough places open to stay, to eat and to socialize. The beaches are empty, the nature is as beautiful as ever, the roads are now without many vehicles and the villages have their identity back again. This time of the year is perfect for weddings and baptisms. They are usually organized in the fall. Everybody has time and peace of mind to concentrate on the important parts of life. And many can be present at those special gatherings.

Glysteri beach, quiet now

Most beaches are empty of sunbeds but they are still there and the sea is waiting, everywhere is the sea and the waves that crash or fold themselves on the sand and on a sunny or a clouded day you can swim in that crystal clear water.

The goats of the Pirgos area

This time of the year is also excellent for exploring the island. Go to places and areas you have not been for a while or never have been.

A deer in the Jilali area with rope caught in its antlers

Walk on the roads that lead to beautiful views over the island. Meet up with friends and spend time together.

Go to unknown places and have chance encounters.

Small house in the Livadi area

Have a coffee with someone you don’t know but who invites you in for a talk that involves “sign language” because you don’t understand a word of what you are both saying.

This time of the year is a quieter time but a good time also. A time to fill your batteries, a time to meet up with friends and family and hear about their and your summer, a time to relax, a time to reflect and maybe in some months start thinking about a new spring, a new summer…

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