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And then it is quiet again on the island. The population of Skopelos has changed this time of the year and the islanders are in the majority again. Most visitors have left but Skopelitans will also leave, at some point, or have already left to visit family on the mainland, abroad or go for a vacation.

But for now, many Skopelitans, are part of the daily scene on the streets. Most have finished their multiple jobs and now have time to relax, to shop, to travel and to socialize.

There are restaurants and bars that are still open and visitors that are here will find enough places open to stay, to eat and to socialize. The beaches are empty, the nature is as beautiful as ever, the roads are now without many vehicles and the villages have their identity back again. This time of the year is perfect for weddings and baptisms. They are usually organized in the fall. Everybody has time and peace of mind to concentrate on the important parts of life. And many can be present at those special gatherings.

Glysteri beach, quiet now

Most beaches are empty of sunbeds but they are still there and the sea is waiting, everywhere is the sea and the waves that crash or fold themselves on the sand and on a sunny or a clouded day you can swim in that crystal clear water.

The goats of the Pirgos area

This time of the year is also excellent for exploring the island. Go to places and areas you have not been for a while or never have been.

A deer in the Jilali area with rope caught in its antlers

Walk on the roads that lead to beautiful views over the island. Meet up with friends and spend time together.

Go to unknown places and have chance encounters.

Small house in the Livadi area

Have a coffee with someone you don’t know but who invites you in for a talk that involves “sign language” because you don’t understand a word of what you are both saying.

This time of the year is a quieter time but a good time also. A time to fill your batteries, a time to meet up with friends and family and hear about their and your summer, a time to relax, a time to reflect and maybe in some months start thinking about a new spring, a new summer…

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