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I am not somebody who likes to ask for money. If for a situation a practical solution can be found I will do my best to find that solution but.. I am now writing this small post because I want to help a teenager on the island to follow his dream. In order to be able to do this he needs some money to travel to the mainland and stay in a pension for two days at the time. Let me tell you why.

This teenager is very good at a certain sport. For this type of sport there is no team here on the island and talent has been recognized by a team in Volos on the mainland. To be able to participate in some of the workouts and play games this teenager has to go to Volos. But money is a little bit tight…

I want to donate and maybe someone else too? If you do please contact me via my email address daphneskopelos@hotmail.com and hopefully we can be part of a solution.


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