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The photograph was taken at one of the training sessions for Skopelos Aquafit where those who are on the island meet together with instructor Muriel at the swiiming pool and practice the moves, adding and perfecting what was to be the summer sessions.

Three months of activity followed at Hotel Dyonissos with a few sessions in the sea. The group would like to thank the hotel staff for inviting them for what was their ninth year at the hotel.

Skopelos Scramblers

This Sundays walk, Sunday 17th, is to Ag Marina Spring.

The meeting point is the archeological site Ascelepion on Skopelos shore road at 10.30am.

When we reach the spring, Muriel will spread out her famous blue checked tablecloth for a shared picnic.

Everyone is welcome to join the Scramblers including our four legged friends.

Please phone Muriel 24240 24732 if you have any questions.

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