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This is the story of a dog called Goofy that was found by Natasa from Straycare on Skopelos and who recently found a new home in Athens. Natasa tells the story of Goofy here:

"About two and a half years ago, a friend informed me that there is a small dog, permanently tied on a leash around his neck. The leash was very tight. She informed me that she was going there and was feeding the dog and that we had to do something.

Because so much was going on already, I was thinking, where will I take the dog if I take it?

A few days later while returning from feeding the cats I saw the dog running in the street. He did not approach me and I could not catch it. It was only 7 kilos. I put food and water in the street and with the third attempt I caught him. The dog was full of ticks and had a huge sore neck because of the tight leash.

Without thinking I took him home to all my other animals that I take care of. 

I have had him for more than two years now. Until recently, due to my workload, I never had the opportunity give this dog up for adoption. There were always more urgent cases. 

But a few days ago my Goofy was adopted. A 11 kilos boy now.
Goofy went to a lovely house with an amazing mom, who loved him from the first moment she saw him. I did not expect him to adapt in the home from the first day and yet Goofy not only adapted but also made new friends. He has gone for walks and he already made his acquaintances. The parents of the girl who adopted him also love him! 

I am crying constantly because I know how much I will miss him and he will miss both me and his three dog friends in Skopelos who hung out with him but how can you deprive him of such a better life, how? 

I know that his new mom will offer him a lot of love and care, something that all of us active volunteers, no matter how much we want, cannot offer because we take care of hundreds of animals every day .

Needless to say, the woman who helped with the adoption is Fenia, the guardian angel of the animals from Skopelos. She has made a lot of adoptions possible for Skopelitakia animals.

Have a great life, my Goofy, with your new family .....

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