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A new place to honor those that have fallen

On Thursday it is the 28th of October in Greece and all remember on this day those that stood up against oppression by remembering why they said no/όχι in a terrible war.

I have written about it on the blog. Please have a look if you want more information.

Under normal circumstances on this day there would be a church ceremony and after that children from all schools and the scouts would march in the harbor past the officials, parents and other onlookers.

Before the parade wreaths would be put on the war monument close to the harbor.

This year because the Sporades and the province of Thessalia have many covid-19 patients the parade has been cancelled for tomorrow.

The laying of the wreath will be done at the new place of the war monument in the old harbor. The war monument was removed from its cramped place near the new harbor and has now a dignified place in the old harbor.

If you want to follow the laying of the wreaths visit the war monument after 10.30 hours tomorrow.

Bank, government offices and most shops will be closed tomorrow.

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