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New rules

In order to keep the number of Covid-19 patients down on Skopelos the cultural association of Skopelos has cancelled all their activities until the 20th of November (dance classes, art classes, the choir and music classes)

Health Minister Thanos Plevris announced that as of yesterday, unvaccinated residents will no longer be allowed into banks, public services, restaurants, cafes, bars, hair dressers and entertainment venues unless they present a negative PCR or rapid test result,

In addition to being required to show a negative Covid-19 test to access services and shops, the country’s unvaccinated workers are now obliged to take two tests a week (instead of one), which they will pay for and access their workplace after testing negative twice a week. In Greece about 61% of the population is vaccinated in comparison to the average in Europe which is 64%.

The government will boost its vaccination awareness-raising drive, which will include sending text messages to the unvaccinated, in efforts to convince more Greeks to get the jab. In the meantime, as of yesterday fully vaccinated adults will be able to register for booster shots.

New measures (recap)

– both public or private sector employees are now required to test twice a week at their own expense and present negative results

– unvaccinated individuals will be allowed entry to public services, banks and shopping malls as well as restaurants, cafes and bars (both indoors and outside), and hair salons only with a negative test result with the exception of super markets, pharmacies and churches

– children under 18 can enter ‘mixed’ spaces after presenting a negative self-test result

– everyone is strongly advised to wear face masks indoors and outside where there are crowds.

Plevris went on to add that more police inspections would be carried out to ensure adherence to the new rules while violators may face fines starting from 5,000 euros. 

Source: https://news.gtp.gr/2021/11/03/covid-19-unvaccinated-greeks-must-have-negative-test-to-enter-banks-restaurants/

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