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This is a letter from the mayor about the census that is taking place on the island. Permanent residents are being asked to register themselves with the paper that arrives at your doorstep. If you have not received it because you live to far out of town, employees from the government, especially hired for this work, (with identification papers with them) will pass by your house and help you register.

A great way to know how many residents Skopelos has and the total permanent residents in Greece. In order to be able to register you need your access codes u use to get into your Greek tax file.

The registration needs to be done by the 26th of November. If you need help, you have not received the envelope you can call the mayor’s office. Monday to Friday from 9 to 2 and ask for Mrs. Evi Kathinioti. Telphone: +30 24243-50106. The subject you ask help for in Greek is Apografie/Απογραφή

Skopelos, 18-11-2021 

My fellow citizens and fellow citizens, 

The population – housing census 2021 process has started on our island.  

I want to invite you to participate in this process that will allow us to see how many citizens live on Skopelos and in the country. At the same time it will gather valuable statistics on the demographic and social characteristics of the population in Greece. 

The data collected is confidential, not transmitted or shared to any public or private body and it is worth noting that no sensitive personal data is collected. The data will reflect the real population of the municipality of Skopelos island,  as well as its real needs. 

The general inventories are carried out, taking into account the unprecedented conditions due to the pandemic, with self-registration. 

  • Those fellow citizens who cannot, for any reason, register themselves electronically until November 26, 2021,  will be registered through the process of a personal interview in their area. 

Please open your door to the interviewer The approximately 60,000 interviewers of ELSTAT, bear, in addition to their identity card, a special badge with the ELSTAT mark, on which their details are written, as well as a form with their photograph and a stamp of ELSTAT.  

Finally, they are obliged to observe all necessary measures to protect public health from the risk of further spread of the Covid-19. 


Stamatis Persis 

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