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And we are still counting

The Greek government has given the citizens of Greece until the 13th of December to register. Originally the due date was the 26th of November but that deadline could not be met.

I tried to do it online but got stuck on the last page. It is difficult to complete and the help line was not picking up and never called me back. I will try again and maybe call 211 12 12 032 again or I will write and email to census2021@statistics.gr.

Now that it is quieter on the island there is also more time to visit other places on the island and see the changes.

Part of the old road to Stafylos has been asphalted. It is a pity that on the island more and more paths/dirt road become “highways|. The road from Glossa to Perivoliou has been done too.

We get regular updates from the mayor and a lot has been done so far but I feel that for a Greek island to stand out from the many others and to endure through time, emphasis should be more on environmentally/eco friendly islands. I cannot phantom why some kind of recycling on this island cannot be organized? Is it up to individual initiatives to get something done? I don’t understand it. As of July 2022, municipalities which transfer waste to landfills will be charged higher landfill fees. Will fines be the incentive to start recycling, re-using? Why is being eco friendly not something that Skopelos could be known for and attract visitors?

The island has an amazing nature where dozens of paths are scattered all over the island and kept open by Heather Parsons and her volunteers. There are other entrepreneurs that promote cycling, diving, canoeing, running. These activities also make it possible, with a coordinated strategy, to have a summer where May and June and September are more busier. Is it a utopia?

As always the fall and winter show us different seas, beaches and most of all amazing skies. I cannot get enough of them. Another reason to be here all year round. It never gets dull.

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