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Tomorrow it is the sixth of January, also called Epiphany. It the last official celebration and bank holiday before Easter. In Greece the Greek Orthodox Church performs the ‘Great Blessing of the Waters’on the 6th of January.

On the actual day outdoors priests bless large bodies of water, sea, rivers, lakes etc. Mostly men, dive in the water and try to retrieve the cross (attached to a line) that is thrown in the water. You will be lucky for the rest of the year if you catch the cross, they say..

Because of the Covid-19 situation many events have been cancelled all over the country because big crowds usually gather for this ceremony. Not sure what will happen tomorrow in Skopelos, Elios and Glossa.

The names: Fani, Fotika, Jordan, Ourania, Peristera, Photini, Photis, Theofanis, Theopoula celebrate tomorrow. The day after on the 7th of January Jannis and Joanna celebrate their nameday.

A freak accident with a car ending up in the harbor and the driver that drowned has quickened the installation of small pillars along a part of the harbor. Because of the new road in the harbor there are no obstacles present anymore, preventing somebody to fall in the harbor whilst driving a big vehicle. In, at least, the beginning of the harbor there are now some small pillars in place.

The weather on Skopelos is fantastic at the moment with 18 degrees Celcius most afternoons. The skies turn pink and orange when the sun goes down.

It is magical.

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