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With the people of the Ukraine in mind I write this post on charred Thursday in Greece. The meaning of charred during one of the days of the Greek carnival is important and many Greeks celebrate this day but I cannot help thinking also about the current situation in the Ukraine, the attacks on various cities, many people fleeing and the possible loss of lives. Mixed feelings. Life goes on but in other parts of the world wars are being fought.

In the meantime Tassos in his cantina (name of the cantina is: ομορφαίνει δεν παχαίνει/it makes you more beautiful, it does not make you fat) has hundreds of souvlakis on the BBQ and loud music on the speakers.

Tomorrow, the 25th of February, the patron saint of Skopelos, Agios Riginos is celebrated. Government offices will be closed, most shops too. The small church (called Agios Riginos) on the crossroad to Stafylos had various people painting and cleaning the shrine the last couple of days. Now it is ready for tomorrow.

Most people will go to the monastery of Agios Riginos on the road towards Panormos, a little outside of Skopelos town. The whole day people will arrive and light a candle in the church or the shrine next to it.

Χρόνια πολλά!!

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