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One for the road

The road to Limnonari beach (copyright of the picture belongs to Max Mury)

Max and Elli Mury were great friends with Apostolis Kosifis who unfortunately died the end of December 2021. Max, together with musician and restaurant owner Panagiotis Asteriadis of Skopelos have made this song for Apostolis who had a favorite saying: “one for the road”

Hear the song dedicated to Apostolis; one for the road.

The lyrics of the song:


We‘ve been friends for so long

but we didn’t had a chance to carry on

known each other pretty well

and we met all the years the same place I can tell

celebrating our life

and time was always on our side

sitting here having fun

raising our glasses yamas and then goodbye

and you said

One for the road

And another one we take for Hope

and you said

One for the asphalt road

and another one for the long and dusty road

We saw the sun rising up and we shared our minds

and we never had enough

time was endless in these times

we felt invincible we had the best part of our life

hard to tell that that’s all gone

and for me that island will be a different one

but I’m sure when I get back

I will go where we always used to stay and

I will hear you say

One for the road

And another one we take for Hope

and I will hear you say

One for the asphalt road

and another one for the long and dusty road❤

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The snowfall started in the early morning hours today and will continue during the day, maybe with more intensity. The municipality of Skopelos and the region of Thessalia are present and are trying with machines to keep all the roads open. The municipality operates with a snowplow accompanied by a salt shaker and cars-with tanks that contain sea water along the entire length of the provincial road.. The region of Thessalia has been operating since last night with snowplows, salt shakers and a so far, the main provincial road is open, as is the ring road around Skopelos and several secondary and rural roads. Please avoid unnecessary movements during severe weather events. The municipality is at the disposal of all our fellow citizens. In case of emergency you can call: Skopelos Police: + 30 2424022235 Skopelos Fire Department: + 30 2424024199 · For the community of Skopelos: Mr. Angelos Xintaris: 6981219194 (chairman of the municipal board) Mr. Aristidis Voulgaris: 6977701070 (deputy mayor) · For the community of Elios: Mr. Stamatoula Koukorini-Fyvga: 6983717851 (deputy mayor) · For the Glossa community: Mr. Nikolaos Vafinis: 6981219192 (deputy mayor) For more information and instructions for self-protection from severe weather conditions, citizens can visit the website of the municipality at http://www.skopelos.gov.gr/article/index/835 and the website of the General Secretariat for Civil Protection at www. .civilprotection.gr.

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Here we go again

Skopelos is white again. Lots of snow fell last night and as of now it is still snowing. Let’s see when we can dig ourselves out again!

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Clean Monday

Between a lot rain we found some sunshine on Milia beach. We celebrate today the start of the Sarakosti/Σαρακοστή period before Easter. Sarakosti= 40 days. This Great Lent period starts on Clean Monday and ends on Holy Saturday, after midnight.

And the blog has 4000 and two followers!!

Καλή σαρακοστή, χρόνια πολλά!!

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