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The municipality of Skopelos will organize several cultural events this summer. Therefor it wants to invite all artists living on Skopelos that want to show their artwork to get in contact with the special assistant of the mayor, mrs. Evi Kathinioti. Please write to her until Sunday the 8th of May 2022. Maybe it is a good idea to send some photos of your work with the email. Her email address is: kathinioti@skopelos.gov.gr You can also call her for more information: 24243-50106

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As of May 1, travelers coming to Greece will no longer be required to display an EU Digital Covid Certificate (EUDCC), recovery certificate, or test to enter the country, the Greek Health Ministry announced on Thursday.

More specifically, the government’s Covid committee decided unanimously starting May 1:

– travelers to Greece will be able to enter the country without presenting a digital covid certificate which indicates whether someone has been vaccinated against Covid-19, a recovery certificate or a negative test

– admission to restaurants, cafes, bars, shops and entertainment venues will be allowed to all. The vaccination certificate, test or proof of recovery requirement has been dropped

– restaurants, cafes, bars, shops and entertainment venues will be able to operate at full (100 percent) capacity

– mask wearing outdoors is no longer necessary but the Covid committee strongly advises the use of face masks indoors

– school children will no longer be required to self-test and college students will not be required to take rapid tests

– unvaccinated employees and teachers will be required to present one rapid test per week (from the current two). This does not apply to medical staff.

Additional details will be outlined in the relevant ministerial decision.

It should be noted that during a press conference earlier this month, Health Minister Thanos Plevris reiterated that Covid measures are being lifted temporarily until September, when the situation will be reassessed. The same, he said, will apply to the face mask rule.

Source: https://news.gtp.gr/2022/04/29/greece-drops-covid-19-requirements-for-country-entry/

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Work on the road towards the beach will start soon so the Municipality ask people that live on this road to not park there and go back and forth with their vehicles. Also don’t visit the beach with a car.

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Last night, in the major churches, on Skopelos town, Elios, Glossa and Loutraki the Εpitafio procession was held.

Easter Epitafio 2022

The word epitaphios is an adjective meaning “funerary, happening on a grave”.

Within a liturgical context, this is also the name of an icon, usually made of cloth and richly embroidered, depicting the body of Christ being laid in the grave, often by the Virgin Mary and some disciples.

byzantineEpitaphios cloth, circa 1300 A.D. (Museum of Byzantine Culture, Thessaloniki)

On Good Friday morning, the icon is placed on a platform, resembling a bier, typically topped with a kouvouklion, an elaborately carved wood canopy. In most cases, the canopy is heavily decorated with ornate flower arrangements, ribbons and sometimes candles.

Christ Church Easter Epitafios 2022

Throughout the day, people can come into the church and venerate it. In the evening the service begins; near the end of the ceremony, the canopied platform bearing the icon is lifted on the shoulders of priests or churchgoers (usually four to six people) and carried through the streets. Members of a congregation go to the church that they belong to and they will only walk in this particular Epitafio procession.

The clergy lead the solemn procession, chanting hymns such as “Oh my sweet springtime”- the Virgin Mary’s lament- while the bells ring the funeral toll. The congregation follow carrying candles. They usually chants along with the priests. In towns with more than one parish, the processions starting from different churches may converge to a single spot, where they temporarily stop and a common hymn is sung before they resume their routes. 

In Skopelos town this is the case and four churches normally join in the procession. This year two churches with its congregation walked the whole route and one church a smaller route. One other church did not join in this year. Young and old joined the Epitafio procession this year. A lot of people have come to Skopelos to be part of Greek orthodox Easter this year.

At 24.00 tonight it is Easter, those that are on Skopelos will hear the church bells and fireworks! Κάλο Πάσχα ! Χριστός Ανέστη !

Source: https://www.greeknewsagenda.gr/topics/culture-society/6686-the-tradition-of-the-epitaphios-procession and skopelosnews

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At the moment there are already four boats ( ferryboats and flying dolphin) that come and go to Skopelos. This is an example from Easter week (openseas.gr) The boat from Thsessaloniki will probably start in June.

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After almost three days with rain we finally saw the sun again today. It’s the week before Greek Orthodox Easter and many people have been very busy with getting their businesses ready for the first “real” visitors this summer. The rain wasn’t helping but there are somedays left before many people will arrive on the island.

The island has been getting visitors fairly early this year already but places to stay and restaurants that were open, were very limited and the weather was not always stable. From this weekend a lot of places will be open and with the warm weather coming everybody will fully enjoy themselves!

I feel that people really want to take advantage of being able to travel with lesser restrictions than during the last two years. They are coming from very far! We met a Colombian family on Glysteri beach last week!

Because we have had so much rain and snow too the island’s vegetation looks fantastic! Everything is soo green and the blooming cherry, almond, plumb and other fruit trees look like a bridal bouquet!

Snow is also good for the olive trees and an olive harvest they say. They are in bloom and are looking good. Let’s not jinx it though!

If you are visiting the island for the first time in the Easter period have a look at the page with the Easter celebration information. It is on the top of the blog (Easter/ 1st of May)

Enjoy Greek Orthodox Easter everybody here on Skopelos and in all the other places that celebrate it in the world.

Kali Anastasie/Καλή Ανάσταση

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Sunday 10th April
Glisteri Beach
The Scramblers will meet for this Sundays walk at Kastro Car Park at 10.30am.
Good shoes or walking boots are advised for this walk. When the group reach the beach Muriel will spread out her now famous blue checked table cloth for a shared picnic. For those who have over indulged in the fresh orange juice or taken the competition swimming 🏊🏼‍♀️ too seriously there will transport arranged back to the walks starting point.

Everyone is welcome to join the Scramblers on the walk including 4 legged friends.
Any questions phone Muriel on 6983010118

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New wood on the benches along the harbor front. I like it that there is ample space to sit and rest without being forced to sit and have a drink somewhere. It is a sign that a city respects its visitors.

We have a southern wind blowing and the beaches of Stafylos, Agnondas and Limnonari are reformed again. It is also choppy in the harbor of Skopelos though but the sun is shining again today! Have a nice Sunday everybody.

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The fenced parking lot next to the harbor will become a little smaller to facilitate the traffic in the harbor. The iron fence on one side has been removed and a new stone wall is built. The bigger harbor can be used, under special circumstances, also for parking.

This is the beginning of the new stone wall

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