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Lyme disease, ticks

A message from M.

” I have now heard of two cases on the island one in the north and one in Skopelos Town .

So people should be aware that the island has this infection and be careful if they are bitten by a tick and have symptoms ( typical symptoms include fever, headache, fatigue, and a characteristic skin rash called erythema migrans) they must have a test . If left untreated it can be a very nasty disease”

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Glysteri beach 26 May 2022

We live in a paradise and

We fight over unimportant matters

We live in a paradise and

We are impatient

We live in a paradise and

Are in a hurry

We live in a paradise

And we don’t realize it half the time

We live in a paradise

And we are safe

Today I could not stop thinking and feeling so sad and angry about the innocent children and teachers who got killed in Texas. They thought they were safe in their school but unfortunately that was an illusion.

And we are in paradise

Let’s take care of it, protect it, get recycling going, treat the animals well, respect the sea and everything that lives in it.

This is paradise!

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The cultural and folklore association will hold a three evening cultural event on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 21.00 hours. All participants of the classes of the association will on Friday perform traditional dances, on Saturday ballet and modern dance and on Sunday the choir will perform and the students that study musical instruments will perform. Everybody is welcome in the amphitheater of the elementary school from 21.00 hours.

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This fish was caught and can be eaten at the Aktaion restaurant today. It is sliced and then cooked on the grill or in another way!

The Amberjack belongs to the Carangidae family. The color of its back is usually blue grey or olive green while its front and sides have a lighter, silver color. You’ll typically come across the amberjack at depths that reach 50 to 100 meters, near reefs or rocks. It’s one of the most distinctive fish in the Mediterranean Sea, where the gradual temperature rise, from early May onward, denotes the start of the amberjack’s reproductive season.

The Amberjack thrives in the blue, Greek waters. It is a fine fish with tender flesh and high nutritional value

Source: https://fishfromgreece.com/en/greek-fish/amberjack/

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Wednesday and Thursday there will be more power cuts on Skopelos. Both days between 06.00-07.15 hours and on Wednesday in Loutraki between 08.00 and 16.00 hours.

Below is the letter (in Greek) from the electricity company to one of the regional newspapers.

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I never knew how the undeground garbage storage worked. Now I know. It is clean, simple and smart.

Two more underground storages are being placed in the harbor zone in Skopelos town. I imagine they are placed all over the island.

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Open house

Jan has an “open house” on Monday from 10 until 12 in the morning. She lives on the Stafylos road, towards the end on the right side if you drive towards Stafylos. Follow the balloons.

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For the first time in a very, very long time the beach of Vathia in Kalogeros has been cleaned thoroughly. I know who cleaned the beach and I want to thank them very much on behalf of everybody who visits this beach because this cleaning required patience and stamina.

This beach was not easy to clean because there was a lot of garbage on the beach, deep in the sand and scattered on the hill behind the beach. Thank you!

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Strange clouds

Hanging over Mount Palouki…

Good morning !!!

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The ferryboat is called Superrunner

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