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I am still amazed by the unbelievable presents that our land here on Skopelos gives us. June figs (green) are ready!!

I also want to thank all the people that have been coming to my office to talk about the blog. I write for you and I will keep writing for you !!

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What could be more than fun and easy than to rent a paddle board, use it on your vacation here on Skopelos and return it afterwards! Skopelos Paddle Boards is here! http://www.skopelospaddleboards.gr

This is included in the bag.

Good luck to Skopelos Paddle Boards!

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Please help

Dear readers of Skopelosnews. A friend of mine has lost this bag on Skopelos near Mylos Square. If you have found it can you please write to my email: daphneskopelos@hotmail.com or leave a comment.

Thank you

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Parking on the grounds of the elementary school is possible again. It is below Hotel Aperiton. The ring road there is also not busy. From there it is a five minute walk into the harbor. The road below the parking leads to the harbor. On the way you pass many nice shops, bars and restaurants.

Parking on the high school grounds is also possible again. You turn into the small road just before the highschool and the health center next to it (see photo below) When you walk back you take the road to your left which leads along the post office, the Vodaphone shop, Panos his bike shop and you end up on Platanos square and the harbor. Only a few minutes walk!

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The Municipality of Skopelos, with an unanimous decision of the Municipal Council  has decided to host an honorary event for the Non-Profit Organization"Skopelos Trails" and its representative Miss Heather Parsons, who has offered and continues to offer invaluable work in the recording, cleaning and maintaining the paths on our island. Everybody that wants to honor her and her work please come to the event. 

The municipality recognizes the enormous effort and contribution Heather has given. Her work has upgraded the standard of living on the island and contributed to the protection of the natural environment of Skopelos not only for the citizens of Skopelos but also for the visitors to our island. 

The event will take place on Sunday, June 26, 2022 at 20:00 hours in the building of the open air cinema "ORFEA". Take a left on Platanos square along the optician, the supermarket and in the next block of houses is a iron door which leads to ORFEA.

After the award ceremony, a discussion and a meet and greet will follow with members of the town council, the municipality and all present to get acquainted because the municipality would like to get in closer contact with the foreign inhabitants that are living on the island of Skopelos.

Stamatis Perissis

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Sour cherry time

Almost two trees done but three more to go!!

Drying now

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Last week all owners of properties in Skopelos and other areas have received an email about the registration of their properties in the National Greek Land Registry (ΕΘΝΙΚΟ ΚΤΙΜΑΤΟΛΟΓΙΟ)

If you have not registered your property you should do this. The local National Land Registry office in Volos could do this first registration for you. Make an appointment with them and ask which papers you need to bring (see below for telephone number and address) and you pay for the registration or a civil engineer, an architect, a lawyer could maybe help you with this and you pay them for their help.

The e-mail message you received is only in Greek as far as I could find out and the message has to contain your name and the username otherwise it is spam. With the username and password that you or your accountant uses to enter your taxfile (Taxisnet) you can also gain access to: www.ktimatologio.gov.gr

The message in the email says (translated by me)

June 6

To the real estate owner in the areas of Magnesia and the Sporades

2022 is the start date of the pre-posting of cadastral data.

You have time until July 20, 2022, for updating your contact details on the website www.ktimatologio.gov.gr you can check, confirm or correct the registration of your property, thus avoiding bureaucratic difficulties that cost time, money and hassle. Once you have found your property you can print out the details.

To be able to access you need your username and your password that give you access to your tax file (TAXISNET) If you don’t have this information you should be able to get those codes from your accountant or the person that does your taxes.

Via the link you will see your property descibed and designated on a map of Skopelos.

Specifically you should see and check on the pages related to your property:
The description and legal information of your real estate property (address etc.)
(found in the cadastral table) The boundaries of your plots (found in the cadastral table)
If you agree with the details of the pre-post, you do not need to take any further action.

If you do not agree with any of the data, you can submit a request for a review of data (until July 20, 2022), electronically at www.ktimatologio.gov.gr or the cadastral office, by appointment.

In case you have not declared your real estate property in the Greek National Land Registry, you still have the opportunity to do it electronically at www.ktimatologio.gov.gr or at the local cadastral office by appointment.

Telephone Volos National Land Registry office:
+ 30 2421025288
Request for editing of information about your property

here are the steps to gain access

Click on Περισσότερα in the green block

Click on Προαναρτηση


Click on ΕΙΣΟΔΟΣ

Fill in your tax codes

Click on Αποστολη

Find and fill in on the menu ΜΑΓΝΗΣΙΑΣ and ΣΚΟΠΕΛΟΥ

You find your property or properties and how it/they is/are registered in the National Land Registry and you can print out the pages to check the details. If something needs to be changed ask somebody to help you with that.

Exit your tax file

Good luck!!

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Parking in the main parking lot near the harbor is already becoming a problem but if you are willing to walk a little, there are two really good, big, parking places on the beginning of the Stafylos road, next to Rigas House Hotel.

and on the road along the water going to the monasteries, behind the restaurant Muses and next to the Asclepion site. I am sure the parking on the school grounds will also open soon so there will be more praking close to the Aperiton hotel from which it is easy to walk into town and near the Gym hall from where it is easy to walk into the street vwith the post office to walk into town. All a few minutes walk and no hassle to find a parking space!

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Grafting or graftage is a horticultural technique whereby tissues of plants are joined so as to continue their growth together.

On our piece of land we have many fruit trees and amongst them were two bitter orange trees and a very small orange tree. We don’t eat the bitter oranges nor do we make jam or marmelade of them. We asked Yorgos Panajoteras who is an expert in grafting to help us turn these trees around into sweet oranges. June is the time to do something about it for this type of trees. There are other times during the year when you tend to other type of trees.

The small orange tree was trimmed first because all the power of the tree should go to the new branches. This small tree had no room and energy to produce oranges anymore. Now it will, we hope.

The other two trees were trimmed too. The branches that were being treated, they were being cut even, incisions were made and the special cut branches (oranges in our case) were inserted on the stem.

The branched that are attached on the root are encircled by tape to attach them well until they have grown into the root and the tape can be cut. On the exposed root an antiseptic mouse is placed. In the old days mud and a stone were placed.

Thank you Yorgos for helping us out and hopefully in a couple of years we will have oranges again!!

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After the stotm in the area of Glossa.
Photo: Roger Fox

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