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Please help

Dear readers of Skopelosnews. A friend of mine has lost this bag on Skopelos near Mylos Square. If you have found it can you please write to my email: daphneskopelos@hotmail.com or leave a comment.

Thank you

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Parking on the grounds of the elementary school is possible again. It is below Hotel Aperiton. The ring road there is also not busy. From there it is a five minute walk into the harbor. The road below the parking leads to the harbor. On the way you pass many nice shops, bars and restaurants.

Parking on the high school grounds is also possible again. You turn into the small road just before the highschool and the health center next to it (see photo below) When you walk back you take the road to your left which leads along the post office, the Vodaphone shop, Panos his bike shop and you end up on Platanos square and the harbor. Only a few minutes walk!

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